Wallpaper Wanderer: Crossing through La Raya Pass

It’s December already and almost the end of 2013 (where did all that time go?), if you’ve somehow been unable to get away for a holiday, here’s some inspiration coming your way! After that lovely shot by Chris How from the time he got lost, it’s time for another stunning mountain view, this time by a new friend Lance Longwell of Travel Addicts.

I met Lance at the BlogHouse event up in Dublin, and his lovely wife Laura at TBEX, they are fellow occasional travellers who love an indie journey when they get time off from work. Unlike me though they do get to travel around in their line of work, and have really great tips for how to make the best of that so head on over to their site for more of those tips.

But I digress, behold what’s been inspiring them to travel more:

Lance and Laura Longwell:

La Raya Pass, Peru

This photo from La Raya Pass has been our computer wallpaper and inspires us and our travels. We spent two weeks in Peru in early 2010 and took this picture on the long drive from Cusco to Puno. The road climbed high into the mountains and crossed this pass at over 4,300 meters (14,100 feet). The Andes Mountains surround La Raya with glacier capped peaks. La Raya is desolate, remote and stunningly beautiful.

This is the first South American entry and it’s making me want to go there! I’m putting this down on my bucket list…

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2 thoughts on “Wallpaper Wanderer: Crossing through La Raya Pass”

    1. It’s very high up on my bucket list, but I wanna spend a little bit more time in South America if possible because it’s so far away from SG :)

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