Wallpaper Wanderer – Scaling Mt Stromboli

I have to say I really love seeing what inspires other people to travel – it’s amazing how similar or different it is from your own inspirations, and I have to say just looking at the gallery of photos I’ve collected so far has really put me in a wanderlusty mood!

Today’s Wallpaper Wanderer is a girl with rainbow coloured hair who hails from Malaysia – I got to know Yishyene of Small Crazy from a post she wrote about the most interesting person she met on her travels – it’s a really fun read and a really cool tale, and it won her a trip to TBEX Toronto! I’ll let her tell you about this particular inspiration herself:


Mt Stromboli, Italy

This was taken on Mt Stromboli, Italy, when we were ascending the volcano in time to arrive at the top for sundown, so we could watch it erupt (several times). It was a long, HOT climb – at 35 degrees celcius – and 15 minutes into the climb I was already half-regretting, especially when I had nothing but my crazy coloured/patterned H&M scarf to wipe my sweat with. But it was SO WORTH IT.  It was like magic to see the red hot lava burst out from the earth.. and then look up to see a billion sparkling stars in the dark dark sky. To this day, climbing Mt Stromboli tops my list of things to do in Europe.

How beautiful is this picture! The lines, colours and silhouettes make this something I could stare at all day long… I’ve always believed mountains are better from far (i.e. I rather see Mt Fuji than climb it!) but sometimes you need to work hard for your reward eh?

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