Wallpaper Wanderer: Notre Dame de Paris from the River

Wallpaper Wanderer - Notre Dame de Paris

Did the elephants from Malawi in the last Wallpaper Wanderer from Helen make you want to head to Africa? This time around, we’ve got someplace a little more well-known, by one of my readers Zewl Pink who is a fellow Singaporean who just started blogging over at A Tinge of Pink. He’s a fellow occasional traveller type with a full-time job, and quite a range of interests ranging from design to climbing on top of travelling. Here he tells us about how he got this awesome shot:

Zewl Pink:

Paris, France

Part of my love for Europe is its rich renaissance history and the historical architectural influence. And no doubt, Notre-Dame de Paris is one of my favourites.

This shot of the Notre-Dame Cathedral was taken from a river cruise after a downpour as the sun started to came out to play. It was a risky move to jump onto a river cruise prior to a downpour, but to get a majestic shot of the Notre-Dame Cathedral makes it all worth it.

This photo is really pretty, and Zewl actually sent me another 2 pictures and they were all pretty fantastic, so I had to ask him to choose one because I wouldn’t have been able to decide which pic I wanted to feature! European skies just look extra amazing when the sun is out – it does make me want to go back to Paris, since I only had a day to wander around the last time I was there back in 2007…

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