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Wallpaper Wanderer – The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen

It’s been awhile since we’ve had an edition of Wallpaper Wanderer, where I ask various people and aspiring travellers what pictures inspire them to get packing. Our last Wanderer was Red aka The Furious Panda and his angry baboon phone wallpaper.

This time around, it’s someone who’s become a friend since her move to Singapore from the United States. You probably know has best as Pooja, my bookmaking teacher and her lovely Singapore arts and culture blog notabilia.



Copenhagen, Denmark

My partner and I love to travel. But now, we have a toddler in tow. We look at potential destinations in a new light!

We’ve heard from other parents that Scandinavia is very child-friendly (if a tad expensive). This photograph, of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, inspires me to plan a trip to the northern reaches of Europe.

I’ve never been to Scandinavia either so this picture definitely got me thinking about it again, though I’ve heard that the Little Mermaid statue is actually smaller than what it might look like in pictures and disappointing for some. Well that’s what they say about the Mona Lisa as well, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see for myself.

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