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Wallpaper Wanderer – Baboons in the Simien Mountains

Today’s Wallpaper Wanderer is quite different, a contribution from Red, an avid traveller who’s travelled quite extensively around Asia and Africa. Check out his stories at the The Furious Panda.

He’s currently on the road in Pakistan right now, here’s what he has on his phone’s wallpaper:


Simien Mountains, Northern Ethiopia

This is the wallpaper I have on my Samsung Galaxy S2. It is a photograph of a huge male Gelada baboon that sat right in front of me, daring me to snap his picture. Of course I did. This photo was taken high up in the Simien Mountains, during a hike in north Ethiopia. There are hundreds of gelada baboons that live on the slopes of the mountains. The wallpaper is a great conversation starter when someone notices it. “Red, why do you have a monkey on your phone?” Personally, the baboon reminds me to aim for more exotic and fulfilling travel destinations. Also, it is a reminder for me to travel safe (I didn’t bring enough food or warm clothing up the mountains and thought I would die!)

Some people have their loved ones pictures on their phone wallpaper, others have favourite pets or scenery, Red has… a random baboon, or more accurately a great conversation starter, and I have to say that is one furry and scary-ass looking monkey.

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