Spring Airlines Plane

A blogger challenge in Shanghai with Spring Airlines

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It’s a little bit crazy, but this weekend barely recovered from my Perth Easter weekend, I’m jetting off to Shanghai 上海 for my first trip to China. I don’t normally pack my holidays so closely together, but this time around I’m being flown up by a Chinese budget airline Spring Airlines 春秋航空 as part of a blogger competition to celebrate both the launch of Spring Airlines in Singapore, and the first direct Singapore to Shanghai budget airline route.

Spring Airlines Plane

Photo by byeangel via Flickr CC

The great thing about this trip is that they’ve left most of the agenda mostly up to us – our flights are booked and so is our accommodation (we’ll be over at Hua Ting Hotel), but the itinerary is free and easy for us to play with. I’m probably going to be exploring downtown Shanghai Puxi (i.e. west of the river) mostly, and I’m meeting up with Sue Anne from Shanghai Street Stories to learn a little bit more about the city – she’s a big architecture fan so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

The competition bit basically is to see which blogger’s posts go the most viral, via shares, likes, retweets and the likes, so my fellow Occasional Travellers I am calling upon you to help me out here.

Here are some of the clues they gave us, I did a bit of research and will try to visit all of these:

Spring Airlines Clue1 - 1933 Slaughterhouse

The 1933 Slaughterhouse is supposed to be quite an architectural marvel and a rather artsy area.  More detailed amazing pix here.

Spring Airlines Clue2 - Jing An Temple

Jing An Temple is one of the more famous Buddhist temples in Shanghai.

Spring Airlines Clue3 - Zhou Residence

The Zhou Residence, or Former residence of Chow En Lai. The internal furniture are replicas though.

Spring Airlines Clue5 - People's Park Marriage Market

People’s Park Marriage Market is supposed to be quite epic – parents trying to matchmake their children the old school networking way… should be a sight to see!

Spring Airlines Clue6 - St Francis Xavier Church

There is a St Francis Xavier Church in Singapore, but this picture is of the one in Shanghai

The only one I can’t quite figure out right now is Clue #4 though – can anyone help?

Spring Airlines Clue4

Where is this place?

You’ll probably hear more from me about Shanghai when I’m back – in the land of the Great Firewall I might not have very much internet access, but you should be able to see some updates from me on instagram @jac_theocctrav, one of the few common social networks that still works in China.


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