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Yoni Alter shows the Shapes of Cities

I came across these pretty and colourful silhouette posters of various cities while looking for design inspirations for my bedroom. Designed by Yoni Alter, Shapes of Cities really just takes several distinctive landmarks of major cities and juxtaposes them against each other in a colourful way.

It’s very simple, but quite captivating. Something about seeing the proportions of the various unique landmarks against each other that gives one a different perspective of the city, somehow. Can you name all the buildings? (Check Yoni’s website in the link above for the answers!)

There are Asian cities like Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, but no Singapore version yet, but when I asked, he did say that it was on his list, so I’m keeping my eye out for that!

*added 28 Oct 2014: Yoni kindly dropped me a note to say that the Singapore version is out, Yippee! Scroll down for it…

Shapes of CIties - New York

The Statue of Liberty does look kinda teeny in comparison to everything else! Yellow is the Chrysler, teal is the Empire State Building (i think) and Orange in the Guggenheim, but no idea about the rest…

Shapes of CIties - Paris

The Eiffel Tower naturally makes this one of the most easily recognizable skylines. I see the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre’s little pyramid, La Sacre Soeur, Notre Dame Cathedral, the squarish La Defense (actually called Le Grande Arche)

Shapes of CIties - San Francisco

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is the most prominent. I’ll be quite honest and say I’m not that familiar with the rest of the architecture in San Fran…

Shapes of CIties - Shanghai

Naturally my eye was drawn to this since I just got back from here! I made it up to the upper ball of the Oriental Pearl Tower, and the blue one is what I call the ‘bottle opener’ building in my head…

shapes of cities Singapore

Look at the wee little Merlion! And the lotus shaped art-science museum and the flyer looks like a huge pompom. Naturally the spaceship like structure of Marina Bay Sands also stands out!

Pictures courtesy of Yoni Alter and used with permission.