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Still catching up on life at large, but in the meantime, a little bit about The Entertainer Singapore and how I can save you an extra 20% off whatever you’ll already save using this app. Read on…


My first encounter with The Entertainer was actually back in 2012 in UAE, where Unholies KL had this large book of coupons that she used to get discounts off various popular restaurants and activities – my mangrove kayaking trip was discounted thanks to this handy book of coupons that she kept. As an expat keen on checking out the local scene, The Entertainer was hugely useful for her and her friends, and she used it all the time when hosting visiting guests like me.

So when I heard they launched a Singapore version, I was quite happy to check it out for myself and see what deals they would be able to offer here. They brought us down to the United Square branch of Extra Virgin Pizza, where we would get the chance to use the discount on a meal for ourselves and a friend. Instead of handing us a book of coupons each, we were instead led to download an app.

The Entertainer Singapore mobile

The app version of The Entertainer was launched in late 2013, and I must say it is quite a good idea indeed! No more toting around of large bulky books, or having to pre-plan which coupons to use. You just select your offer, click to redeem, key in your personal pin, have the staff key in their pin code, and tadah you’re all set!

And it’s not just food deals – there are a whole bunch ranging from fine dining restaurants (Au Petit Salut, Kinki), casual dining joints (Marmalade Pantry, Brewerkz), snack options (Ben & Jerry’s, Berrylite), but you can also find deals for beauty salons, spas, tourist attractions, gyms, playgrounds….

Most importantly for the travellers like me are the hotel deals – 1-for-1 room night offers at some of the big hotel chains like Banyan Tree, Sofitel, Dusit and Angsana in locations spread across the Asian region! Here’s a great chance to enjoy a nice hotel stay for half the price! More info and full merchant listings here. Like my friend in UAE, I can see this being quite useful for expats and long term travellers in one place too.

And for those who like a good deal – there is more than one coupon available for each merchant! So you can go back 3-6 times and enjoy a good deal when you do. All offers are valid for calendar year.

Couple of things I like about the app version over the coupon version – it’s the same price for both version (S$95), but it’s way easier to search for deals around your area with the app than flipping through a book. The app also calculates for you your estimated savings – so far after Extra Virgin Pizza which accumulated me S$30 of savings, I’m thinking one can actually cover the cost price of $95 quite easily, by having a couple of good meals or even just booking a room night!

Top tip: If the price seems a little steep, pool together with friends and family to share! You just need to login with the same details and you can all enjoy the savings for the year.

Check out the app for yourself on the Entertainer Website.

How the Entertainer App Works from The Entertainer on Vimeo.

I was provided The Entertainer Singapore 2014 package free for testing and review.

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