A video review of the Micro Scooter Luggage

The Micro Scooter Luggage is an innovative cabin bag that sure got my attention when I saw this video circulating my feeds. With a built-in scooter, you can apparently find yourself navigating large airport terminals with a breeze – transiting flights will no longer be at a desperate run with your luggage trundling behind you.

There was a more local test run done by CNet that you can see in this video here

But why on earth they tested it at the reservoir and Orchard Road instead of at Changi Airport is a little puzzling to me – wouldn’t Terminal 3 be a great place to test the scooter luggage since that’s where you’ll actually be using it?

So I approached the Singapore distributor White & Black Trading about this, and boss Justinna graciously loaned me one to review, and not just a local road-test mind you – I got to take it out with me on my 5-day Osaka trip!

Micro Scooter Luggage Open Changi
At Changi Airport, all ready to go!

I did up a little video review of my own, check it out below; you kinda have to see it in action to truly appreciate it. After you’re done, read on for some additional comments of my Scooter Luggage experience.

If you’ve ever had to run for a connecting flight in a large international airport, you’ll definitely appreciate how something like the Scooter Luggage would make life easier for you – instead of running with the luggage banging around your legs or threatening to fly off your trolley, you just scoot right along and get to your departing gate faster and with less effort.

Scooter riding is not difficult to pick up if you have basic balancing skills. I’m not a scooter user on a daily basis, so to ensure I wouldn’t look like a total doofus on the video, I spent some time practicing a little along my very short corridor at home. The steering in particular was tricky – it doesn’t turn like a bicycle, instead you lean where you want to go and gradually (and I mean gradually), you’ll turn in that direction as well. So no sharp corners and no tight spaces, the scooter does best over large spaces in a straight-line.

Micro Scooter Luggage Wheel
One thing I didn’t like? When you fold it up, the wheel leaves dirt marks on your leg and gives you a bit of an abrasion if you are pulling the bag alongMicro Scooter Luggage WhiteandBlackTrading

Carpets also reduce the effectiveness of the scooter, as I found out when trying to scoot over portions of Changi Airport T3’s departure hall area which were fully carpeted.

The Micro Scooter Luggage is basically  made up of a suitcase mounted on a scooter – the suitcase bit is a sturdy Samsonite one that helps protect it, the interior consists of a larger compartment, and a pocketed-one on top of that that lets you can easily access your laptop and documents.

The scooter bit is Micro, more famous for their range of kickboard scooters. You pull a loop that activates the scooter board and you lock it in place with one click. Pull the loop again to reverse the process, and it’s something you can do quite quickly on the go so you don’t hold up human traffic trying to manipulate it. I don’t look particularly glamorous switching modes because of the way I was kicking the kickboard though…

Micro Scooter Luggage Packing
The scooter handle itself takes up a bit of luggage space that you need to pack around

I packed 5-days worth of summer clothing in here, and it’s probably the smallest bag I’ve carried going overseas – it was pretty full and I didn’t have room to put my shopping in here on the way back. The scooter portion of this bag means there’s no way you’ll want to check this in because you might damage the wheels and scooter mechanism if it gets thrown around. Carrying other luggage beyond a backpack or sling bag will also be difficult, as you’re not going to have enough hands to scoot and pull another bag along.

Micro Scooter Luggage Packing Clothes
That’s about everything I could pack in

The scooter luggage works best for the solo traveller – unless your partner or group each has a scooter luggage of their own, you’ll always have to wait for the rest of your group to catch up and that’s no fun. It also works best for short trips, I’d suggest 1-3 days as ideal given the amount of space in the bag. Not surprisingly, Justinna also tells me the buyers tend to be more male skewed and a little bit older, because while the scooter luggage is way cool, it’s also not very cheap, with a price tag of $525 here in Singapore.

I don’t know about you, but as a kid I loved riding on top of the big luggage bag when my parents push it around. And I’m one of those people who sometimes like to scoot around the supermarket pretending my trolley is a scooter… So having a legit grown-up version to zip around in is pretty fun! I doubt I would get this particular bag for myself though, as I don’t tend to do such short trips and it’s kinda pricey, but if I did more short trips for business and had more spare cash, why not?

If you’re interested in purchasing one of thee, check out White & Black Trading to find out more!

Many thanks to Justinna and White & Black Trading for kindly lending me the Micro scooter luggage and letting me test run it overseas, they’re really great to work with. And of course to dear Y for patiently taking the videos, though they are kinda Blair-witchy because she had to film me while dragging her own luggage around at the same time. I did enjoy doing the review, it’s something a little different from the usual trip recaps and it gave this particular journey some flavour =)

If you are interested in The Occasional Traveller testing out any travel products on the go, I do have another trip coming up in December so drop me a note and we’ll see what we can work out!

3 thoughts on “A video review of the Micro Scooter Luggage”

  1. There seem to be a lot of options for kick scooters. Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences to share? My son’s 4th birthday is coming up and I’m looking for a good present. Thanks you in advance for your time.

  2. Thanks for the fabulous video review!
    How did the scooter fare on street pavements? I’m thinking of buying one to use in the city, not at airports when travelling…! Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Jikon, thanks for your comment!

      It works best on smooth indoor tiled floors – I suspect street pavements would be a little bumpy, but the scooter is after all a micro scooter which is made for outdoor, so if you don’t mind a little bumpiness then it should be fine =)

      Hope you enjoy scooting around!

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