My Heart is at Home, My Heart is in Singapore

Singapore is my home, and small as it may be, I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave it permanently.

Temporarily – I’ve done that often enough, throwing aside my work and taking occasional holidays. While I love the thrill of exploring new, unfamiliar places, there’s something inexplicable about that feeling of coming back home; seeing the twinkling tiny lights of the many high-rise buildings, winking their welcome as your plane coasts in; feeling the familiar blast of warm air washing over you once you step out of the air-conditioned terminal; anticipating my next meal and indulging in my local favourites, whether it be the warm meaty soup goodness of bak ku teh or fragrant tasty chicken rice.

Singapore Seas
You know you’re coming home when you see the sea full of waiting ships

Somewhere inside of me, my heart heaves a sigh of relief at being back home.

Singapore is far from perfect – ask any taxi driver when you get here; Singapore’s society is too stifling, our ways too contrived, we’re losing what little culture we have too quickly, it’s too damn hot… We are number one at a lot of things, and very good at complaining. But you don’t love a place because it’s perfect, it’s usually love in spite of all that, and I can’t honestly think of another place as my home.

Home is about finding the place where you fit, and here amidst the frantic pace and race to the peak that Singapore has come to represent, somehow there’s a niche that’s my own. 28 years of my life, all 28 of them I’ve lived here. Perhaps there are better me-shaped spaces for me out there in the world, who knows?

But one thing I’ve learned from my travels is how to appreciate home better, for both its perks and flaws. Singapore might be getting more crowded but it remains one of the safest and most stable societies in the world; the weather might veer crazily between hot and wet but we’ve never had to deal with earthquakes or natural disasters; we might be a small country some people still think is a part of China, but our little red passport is recognised by governments worldwide and gives us unparalleled access.

Flag photo by Raymond B via Flickr CC

I am Singaporean, and I’m proud to call it my home.

They say home is where the heart is, wherever in the world that may be. My heart is here in Singapore, with my family and my history and that familiarity, so this is where I’ll always call home.

* * *

I originally wrote this as my very first assignment for Matador U’s travel writing course (like my Tumpek Landep piece from Bali) – it was very creatively titled ‘500 words on Singapore’ because I can be creative like that. MU is deleting the coursework blog where this was originally posted, and I’m actually quite fond of this very first piece that I spent quite a lot of time on, so I thought I’d share it here for something a little different.

I thought about saving it for National Day or something when there’s some truly patriotic pride thrumming in the air, but that’s a long time away, so here you go! Check out more of my articles on Singapore.

If you notice in the text which I didn’t change, it says I’m 28, or well, I was 2 years ago and now I’m just weeks away from the big 3, WOE. I think my sentiment remains mostly unchanged – I’m getting a little more curious about what’s out there in the rest of the world, but I can’t imagine very much that would make me want to leave here for good.

10 thoughts on “My Heart is at Home, My Heart is in Singapore”

  1. Hi Jac,

    I am from India. I have won a Skyscanner blogging contest and will be traveling to SIngapore soon as a prize. Was looking for travel advices before making the plan and I hit on your blog. The above article is just beautiful.

    I love traveling too, I often write about the places I travel but at the same time I love my country.

  2. Lovely piece Jac!
    I feel the same way about my home – although I haven’t lived in Kelowna all my life (8 years) I have lived in various places around British Columbia and would never leave. Maybe I’d think about having a vacation home in Europe if I ever hit the jackpot but I love my home despite the fact that I dislike winter, that there is a surplus of snobbery (although this is the case in many cities) and it’s expensive to live here. These are mundane problems in the scheme of the world and I am blessed to live here – also there’s an international airport that offers some of the more cheaper fares in all of Canada so that’s always a plus for a traveller!

    1. I will take note of that airport fact in case I ever decide to drop by your side of the world :P
      but thanks Murissa! I’m happy here in Singapore, but I always wonder if any other country out there might end up feeling more right somehow, just out of curiousity… guess I’ll never really know because it’s prety impossible to try living in every country in the world!

  3. Having just had the chance to visit your beautiful city for the first time, I understand your sentiments. I think it’s possible to love travel and to love one’s home simultaneously.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I think I’ve never fully appreciated Singapore until I travelled, and I think if I stay overseas for longer periods, I just might appreciate it more. Conversely, I think it’s opened up my eyes to the not-so-nice things as well :P

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