A Parisian Memory – Berthillon

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Sometimes in my travels, I forget to take pictures, sometimes due to circumstance, other times I just forget. So I thought I’d note down those that come back to me, usually prompted by other people’s memories or experiences, and hopefully they jog your own memories or inspire you to make your own!

Inspiration: Jordan Ferney’s Berthillon Post

Paris, France | 2007

It was a hot, sultry summer’s day in Paris, so hot we stuck our bare feet in the fountain outside the Louvre like so many other tourists there. We had just spent an afternoon visiting the Notre Dame, and Rach was stoked about locating this little ice cream parlour she’d heard about: Berthillon, a little place with a long history and renowned ice cream. We didn’t think it would be too difficult – we had a map, we had an address, how hard could it be?

It turns out that Berthillon’s fame had spread pretty far and wide. We came across what we thought was the shop pretty quickly – it had a long queue but the shop looked suspiciously spanking new… a little walkaround revealed that there were more Berthillons that we thought, so many enterprising people capitalizing on the fame of the name. Determined to find the authentic one we persisted and finally found the real deal, a quaint little hole in the wall.

I remember the flavours I chose: classic chocolate and a  green granny smith apple sherbet, perhaps a weird combination of flavours but it was pretty divine, that last day of my trip, walking the streets of Paris in the summer heat with a good friend and licking melted ice cream off a strange double-bowled cone and my sticky fingers.

Berthillon | 29-31 Rue Saint Louis en L’ile, 75004 Paris

Pix Credits: Berthillon Sign from Rumdogs | Berthillon Ice Cream pix from CakeSpy


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