Wallpaper Wanderer: Maple Leaves of Fushimi Inari

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Here’s a new feature I’m starting up on The Occasional Traveller! When I’m back in Singapore and stuck at work, one of my favourite ways to get myself wanderlusting again is to set my computer’s desktop wallpaper to a favourite picture from my last trip, just to remind myself of how great it was and to get going again!

Right now, here’s how my desktop looks like:

I’m particularly fond of maple leaves, something we don’t have here in Singapore, and the beautiful deep orangey-red colour is reminiscent of autumn and cooler weathers, something we don’t have here either. Well these leaves were taken outside the Fushimi Inari temple in Kyoto on the trip to Japan earlier this year, and it was sweltering hot, not at all autumn-like! It was evening when this picture was taken, hence the slightly dusky sky.

See that tree behind me? That’s where I took the picture of the leaves, pointing the camera upwards and against the sky


So dear Occasional Travellers, what do you put on your wallpaper to inspire you to travel? It could be a fabulous quote, inspirational people, picturesque scenery, or even a quirky picture. Send in your picture and a short blurb telling me about the picture, either through email to theoccasionaltraveller [at] gmail [dot] com or through the facebook app here. I’ll pick my favourite ones and feature them here and on Facebook!

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