For those who are curious about what goes into my travel blogging, here’s how I build and run The Occasional Traveller:


The Occasional Traveller is sponsored by Exabytes

Exabytes (SG) has been a web hosting sponsor for since 2014. As one of the leading web hosts in Southeast Asia, Exabytes (SG) also provides other related services, such as domain registration, VPS, dedicated server, and many more! Having a web hosting provider that operates in your region is always a bonus because you can enjoy local support, faster website loading speed, and even help to boost your local economy. In my experience, I’ve usually managed to get fairly fast and responsive support when I need it.

I’m currently on their WordPress hosting WP Essential Plan which offers backup and restoration, and support that’s a bit more helpful to someone less technical (like me!), it’s definitely been quite good so far.

WordPress Theme

I’m currently using the Astra theme and WordPress Gutenberg for my website.

Previously I used the X theme [affiliate link] that you can get from the Envato Market. It’s a drag and drop and fairly easy to use interface once you get used to it.

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