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Vietnam Sights – Hoan Kiem Lake and Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

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Monday morning! It’s hard to work when you’ve just settled taking your annual leave for an impending holiday (more on that soon!) Meanwhile, there’s lots to catch up on the last Vietnam trip… let’s start off as my journey did, with Hanoi:   HANOI I arrived in Hanoi and had about a day or so to spend before heading off to Ha Long Bay, Hue and Hoi An. I would return to Hanoi again at the end of the trip. I didn’t do very much in Hanoi when I first arrived, mostly wander around the city centre by myself or …

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How to survive the roads of Hanoi [Go! Girl Guides article]

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Crossposted from Go! Girl Guides, where I’m a contributing blogger. Check out the site for more great articles from other freewheelin’ travellin’ girls that go!   Chaos. Utter chaos as motorbikes swerve by inches from my taxi. Others bikes took to the curb, weaving between tourists to get through the jam, while several bikes zoomed by with their entire family piled on. My first hour on the streets of Hanoi was definitely eye-opening, and had me worrying about how I would it make through Vietnam without causing any road accidents. I was lucky to meet other tourists at my guesthouse …

Vietnam Shopping

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Considering how much shopping I did on my Seoul trip, I didn’t actually buy very much in comparison while I was in Vietnam. Granted the Singapore dollar is quite a lot stronger than the Vietnamese Dong, but I felt that there wasn’t really that much to buy. I did buy back lots of traditional Vietnamese coffee for family and friends… (Yes, Kopi Luwak is the fancy Civet-Cat dropping coffee, which is very popular and supposed to be very good.)   And I did manage a pair of cute black-and-white polka dotted flat shoes for US$3 at Dong Xuan Weekend Night …

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Vietnam Sights – Halong Bay (and a little Anywhere Travel Guiding)

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Naturally, one of the highlight of a Hanoi trip would be the detour to the famous Halong Bay, recently nominated as one of the new 7 wonders of nature. The trip was entirely arranged by the guesthouse (Hanoi Guesthouse) for me, so I had no idea what to expect really, other than that it was a 2D 1N trip where I would be staying overnight on the boat in the bay and maybe seeing some caves and swimming. So I packed an overnight bag and woke up bright and early the next morning in anticipation of the trip. My new …

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Sleeping in Hanoi – Hanoi Guesthouse Review

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First of my Vietnam posts! If you’d seen my Weekend Wanderlust post before the trip, Hanoi Guesthouse was recommended by C who had done a 2-week sojourn in Vietnam not long before. I dropped them an email to make the bookings with them directly, and while I only stayed there for 2.5 nights (the 0.5 is from arriving at 4am in the morning…), ultimately, they helped me to organize the rest of the accomodation and transportation for my entire trip. Here’s my review on the Hanoi Guesthouse!   Location: HG is located in the Hoan Kiem area, the Old Quarter …

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Weekend Wanderlusting: Hanoi

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This trip has been on hold for so long (since postponing it in May), that it’s only really just hit me that I’m headed off to Hanoi next weekend! I’ve taken the necessary leave and gloated accordingly to the colleagues about my impending leave, but I’ve only just realized that I need to do all the nitty gritty now, like change money and pack my bags etc… I’M HEADED TO… Hanoi, Vietnam Been a bit concerned about the weather of late, what with the flooding and all happening nearby in Thailand and Myanmar. It’s supposed to be cooler and dryer …