Inspired by some Faunascape

Faunascape words
You & Me, Let’s Get Lost and make The Great Escape, somewhere Short of the Moon

I’m looking for nice travel-inspired decor for my new room, and these artworks called ‘Faunascape‘ by Danish artists WhatWeDo really strike some crazy wanderlust in me somehow. Pretty pictures UV printed on Finnish plywood, I think these will look pretty nice on a mantlepiece or in the corner of your room, reminding you that you need to go somewhere soon!

 Great Escape
Doesn’t this make you want to jump in a lake right now?

I particularly love the landscape ones with words, though the animal set is quite unusual too! Check out their website for more details, and they’re also selling at etsy.

Faunascape animals
All the animals come out to play
Let's Get Lost
I could get lost in that lake!
Faunascape Racoon
The Racoon is my favourite of the animals. Love the dreamy tree line

Do you have any travel inspired artwork at home that makes you wanderlust? Share them here!

Pictures of artwork used with permission, thanks to Holly.

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