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Travel Journalling with Daycraft

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So I’ve kept pretty extensive travel journals for my longer trips – You can check out the Taiwan ones here, and right now I’m in process of documenting the latest Osaka trip journals (check them out here!) and you’ll see little sketches and stuff pop up from time to time. I have a whole cupboard full of empty journals just waiting to be used for trips – at last count I had about 15-20 in total! But for this last trip, I used a Daycraft notebook this time around: In this day with cool and useful apps that you can …

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The charms of Arashiyama (Tenryuji Temple, Togetsuko Bridge)

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We hadn’t actually planned to go to Kyoto at all – both Y and I had already been to Kiyomizu, but after perusing the guide, it seemed like the most interesting place to go, so that’s we headed. We opted for the slightly more offbeat places. After some pondering, we headed to Arashiyama ?? to check out their famous bamboo forest. As all our days in Osaka, it was exceptionally HOT. We took quite awhile to get there, having to take the subway and train to Kyoto, and then change another train to get to Arashiyama on the western outskirts …