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Vietnam Sights – Hoi An

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Almost done with Vietnam posts! Think we only have the rest of Hanoi left to go… phew! Ploughing through all my pix is tiring! Hoi An was a lovely stop on my trip, and while I had thought twice about visiting it as it was pretty far from Hanoi, I’m glad I made the trip in the end – it’s nice place to just kick back, and I would have loved to have more time just chilling out there. The weather was excellent when I was there, sunny and bright blue skies, just 2 days after a crazy downpour and …

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Sleeping in Hoi An – An Hoi Hotel Review

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And finally we’re down to Hoi An, where I put up at The An Hoi Hotel (Hoi An, An Hoi, yeah I didn’t mix that up) was booked by my Hanoi Guesthouse in Hanoi for me, so I only found out where I was staying after they gave me the contact details when leaving Hanoi.   Location: An Hoi Hotel is on the An Hoi peninsular on the opposite side of the river from the main Hoi An city centre. While it’s not quite in the centre of the tourist hubbub, it’s good because it’s a little quieter (there are …