The Great Lomography Experiment

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La Sardina Quadrat

Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 35mm 100

So the Lomography Singapore store lent me a La Sardina camera and set me up with a roll of Sunset Strip 35mm Slides film for my epic UAE and Munich trip. I carried it around with my normal digital camera and my iphone, and as and when I thought there was something particularly picturesque and worth taking, I would whip out the lomo and take a picture with that instead. I generally tried to pick brighter conditions so I didn’t use the flash at all.

the essentials that i lugged around with me on this trip

The funny thing about analogue photography is that whatever you took is hidden in the film, and only revealed when you finally get it developed. So there’s no reviewing the angles when you’re done, or checking out the pictures when you’re bored – what awaits you is a true surprise – I don’t even remember taking some of these pix.

I was so pumped to get my pix developed, when the lomolab sent me the link to my scans I dropped everything and clicked on it immediately.

Check out my pix! I ended up taking a zillion pictures of the desert, and I love how some of the multiple exposure shots turned out surprisingly well and artistic even – I really had no idea how those would turn out at all! Apparently just based on the frequency of pix, I favour sun-sand-sea type of scenery shots for photography… not so many pix in Munich, not sure if it was because it was darker all around or I’d just gotten lazy at that point =P


Unholies in UAE – Qasr Al Sarab and the Liwa Desert

In the first villa we stayed in, our pool looked out onto the sand dunes

Nat Geo Photographer wannabe J hard at work

This is what J was taking. With his DSLR, of course his shot looks better

I kinda like the rainbow spectrum effect going on here

Nothing beats a heated pool and a glass of wine as you watch the sun set…

except perhaps a nice cold Belgian beer on a hot afternoon!

I used both my digital camera and the lomo camera to take this same shot

The desert in the distance

More shadow play

I loved the details in Middle Eastern design – this is a close-up of the bottom of our lamp

Multiple exposure shot of the pool and garden wall view of our first villa (before we got transferred over)

This was at the second villa – with the ‘spiked’ wall and pool water.


Unholies in UAE – Dubai

On the abra along the Dubai creek. I only took one lomo shot in Dubai


Unholies in UAE – Abu Dhabi

This was a multiple exposure in the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque – that’s the ceramic flower wall layered with a star-like carving also found somewhere in the mosque

In an alcove of the Sheik Zayed mosque near the entrance – you can kinda see the reflection of the main dome

The biggest chandelier in the Sheik Zayed mosque!


Unholies in UAE – Monte Carlo Beach Club on Saadiyat Island

The main pool in the Monte Carlo Beach Club

The boardwalk that leads down to the sea. No idea what those 2 large metal balls are though?

A line of deckchairs in the sunset

Tried a multiple exposure thing with the sea horizon and the deckchairs. Managed to crisscross them unintentionally, love it!

There was an exhibition on Saadiyat Island, a whole mesh of chairs put together



Walking along the streets, I came across this old bike chained to a fence

the blue of the skies in the morning were incredible though

I think this was in the Hof gardens on the way to the Englischer Gardens, at a soldier memorial we came across

Kinda dark, but that’s supposed to be the mouth of a catfish of some sorts. odd building with weird statues outside it (there was another of a boar, but too many pple were crowded around it)

Love the wide angles you can manage with the La Sardina! This is the Nymphenburg palace, with a swan coming along to check out if I had any food on me. I think this is my best photo =)


Overall thoughts:

– I know it’s kinda artsy, but I miss being able to choose my focus, something you can easily do with a digital camera and a half-press. You would think that having just 2 settings (0-1m and 1m-infinity) would be idiot proof,  but I always forget what setting I’m on.

– The La Sardina is pretty compact (even more so without the Fritz the Blitz flash on it) so it wasn’t difficult to just toss it in my bag, and for a film camera it’s surprisingly easy to use without too many buttons or settings to worry about. It’s colourful exterior sure got some attention though, so perhaps not if you’re trying to be stealthy.

– Without the flash, you need quite a lot of light for your pix to come out nice or they’ll end up being underexposed unless you’re going for a silhouette type of shot. Even then you don’t quite know what effects you’ll see on the final photo

I think the La Sardina is a great fun choice for dabblers in analogue photography, someone who wants something fun and different to play around with then the usual digital camera, for someone who likes to play and loves surprises!

Buy your La Sardina camera from the Lomography online shop here, or check out the La Sardina microsite here.

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