Yelp launches in Singapore!

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One of the projects I was busy with earlier this year involved me running around Singapore and being a total blogger, taking pictures of everywhere I’d been and everything I’d eaten.

Ok this pic was me in Osaka, but you get the idea

About 2 months of feverish writing, photo-taking and lots of support from my friends (thanks everyone for your patience and help!), I can finally talk about it now that they’ve officially launched!

Pix from Fanpilot

Yelp is a new directory site in Singapore that will help you find anything you need, whether it be shopping, services or places to eat (Singaporeans>> think of it like a hungrygowhere but extending to everything else beyond food). What’s great about Yelp is that beyond just listings and details, it also has personal opinions from various people on how good (or bad) these places are, which is always helpful in deciding whether you want to check out the place or not. Yelp is already  pretty popular overseas, especially in the United States, but it’s now making its foray into Singapore and I’m glad to have been a part of it!

Here are my reviews below, little commentary on the places I’ve been to and that I recommend. Check it out in the little widget below or on the website here, I’ll be adding reviews periodically on the more interesting places that I’ve been to. Or drop me an email if you’re new to Singapore and need some recs!

You can be a part of Yelp too! It welcomes reviews from everyone and anyone, and the best part is that it also comes in a convenient mobile app so you can Yelp  on the go. This was particularly useful for me to upload pix and my thoughts on the go, and I used it frequently to figure out whether the place I was headed to was any good or not.

Special thanks to Adrianna and Marcus who are part of the Yelp Singapore team… thanks for all your help!

This post is not sponsored by Yelp – I was recruited as a Yelp Scout to help update business information, write reviews, upload photos, and generally make Yelp more useful. I was paid for my work – all my Yelp reviews are written by me and are my experiences.


  1. Hi there! I posted a feedback on yelp…but I was hoping you can relay the feedback as well….I love yelp…I think it’s missing “building names” in the search results.
    Ie. If you search for coffee shops, etc…hungrygowhere’s search results display the building names. While yelp’s doesn’t. And there’s no convention in displaying the building name within the business’ page itself. I think it is a big deal, since singapore is all about building names. If you hop into a cab and said “391 orchard road”, the cabby wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. But if you said “takashimaya”’re good to go.

    1. Author

      hi Sheren, thanks for dropping by. I’ve notified the Yelp team already, but the great thing about Yelp is that you’re free to go in and amend stuff if you need to, so feel free to fix these errors that you see!


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