Weekend Wanderlusting

Weekend Wanderlusting: Hanoi

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This trip has been on hold for so long (since postponing it in May), that it’s only really just hit me that I’m headed off to Hanoi next weekend! I’ve taken the necessary leave and gloated accordingly to the colleagues about my impending leave, but I’ve only just realized that I need to do all the nitty gritty now, like change money and pack my bags etc…


Hanoi, Vietnam

Been a bit concerned about the weather of late, what with the flooding and all happening nearby in Thailand and Myanmar. It’s supposed to be cooler and dryer in Northern Vietnam at the end of the year, but a quick weather check indicates that it’s probably just slightly cooler than Singapore weather now and rather rainy, so we’ll have to see what pans out next week!

 * * *


The flight is about 3 hours, so I’m flying up via Tiger Airways. There are supposed to be flights on Jetstar as well though none are showing up (not sure if it’s due to the Qantas thing or if they just stopped flying there suddenly?). Zuji threw up a pretty good deal from Vietnam Airlines for about $300+ as well!

  * * *


The Unholy C stayed at Hanoi Guesthouse during her stint in Vietnam and highly recommended it. I checked out the reviews on TripAdvisor as well and those reviews were pretty glowing too. I’ve communicated with them via email only so far to book my rooms, and not only did they settle my rooms for me, they’ve essentially helped me plan and book my entire journey to Ha Long Bay, Hue and Hoi An as well. Train tickets, pick up transport, guesthouse in Hoi An… the only thing I need to settle now are my meals and my itinerary!

The lovely ladies Ms Chau and Ms Hang communicate in pretty good english and were helpful in every way possible, and even when I had to cancel my bookings last minute in May, they were nothing but accomodating and only charged me 3rd party cancellation costs for my train bookings. Fantastic service and I’m not even there yet!

Hanoi Guesthouse is located in the Old Quarter at 14 Bat Su Street, near the Hoan Kiem Lake, which seems pretty convenient to most things. And at 20USD per night for a single room, reasonable prices as well!

  * * *


see so many things! Well to break it down, I’m definitely headed to see the wonderful Halong Bay (see that wonderful picture above!) and am taking my first overnight train rides to see the old capital of Hue and maybe get some shirts made in UNESCO heritage site Hoi An as well. I won’t have that much time to spend in Hanoi city itself, I’m probably just going to wander the city (Old Quarter, French Quarter) while I’m there, and maybe watch a water puppet show or something.

I’ve already done up my travel journal for this, and I’m hoping to document it ala the Taiwan Journals – think the 12 hour train rides will give me the time I need to do some sketching.


And that’s all I have for now! Anyone have any suggestions, do let me know! I can’t wait to get packed and get going!

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