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Weekend Wanderlusting: Autumn and wine in Margaret River

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So things are going to get real busy here – I came back from my birthday in Bali, and after this little trip, I actually have another three trips happening in the next three months! Yes, not so occasional travel at this point, but hey you just have to go with the flow~ I’m never gonna pass up the chance to travel more!



I’m headed up to…

Perth, Australia!


I’m going…

for a nice autumn holiday in the Margaret River region – Australia is nice and cool at this time of the year, a great escape from Singapore’s sweltering heat (hopefully! so far the weather looks rather… Singaporean)! Perth is not foreign to me at all – I’ve been there 5-6 times previously, but usually with my family or on school trips. This time for a change though, I’m headed down on my own so it’s probably going to be quite a different experience. It’s not a solo trip though, I’ll be travelling with my friend S, a Perth native who I met in Munich previously.


I’m flying up by…

A Scoot airline promo netted me a S$315 round trip ticket with check-in luggage, this is probably the cheapest that I’ve flown to Perth! On average, budget airline flights to Perth usually cost around $500 and full-service airlines range from $600 – $1000

Flight details for reference:

SIN-PER via Scoot
TZ8: 1230 – 1715
TZ7: 1825 – 2345


I’m staying at…

Usually we just bunk in with my relatives in Perth, or my Dad’s style was always just to drive around and see what motels we came across. Now that I have full autonomy on where to stay, I decided that I wanted to try out both a beachfront property as well as a winery stay.

Perth Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough View

Hopefully I can catch the sunset, not sure if I’ll be able to wake up to the sunrise though!

For the beachfront stay, I will be reviewing the Rendezvous Grand Hotel Perth Scarborough located right on Scarborough Beach! I arrive in the evening, and rather than a 3-hr drive straight down to the Margaret River region, I thought it would be nicer to wake up to the crashing waves instead. I’ll be living it up in the Club Room, much thanks to the kind PR folk of the hotel and the agency who helped coordinate this!


Perth Amon Ra Ibizan Wines

There is just one little house in the winery, so lots of privacy and perhaps the feeling that you own a winery

For the winery stay, after much perusing of TripAdvisor for ideas, I decided I wanted to try a smaller more intimate type of house instead of a fancy hotel. There was much browsing, but finally I chanced upon Amon Ra, a little house for 2 on Ibizan Winery in Chapman valley near Leeuwin Estate. The owners Brian and Michelle Lowrie were really responsive, replying my request very quickly and were accommodating when I requested to hold a date while making up my mind. Prices are also very reasonable – my stay is over the public holiday Easter weekend and it costs just A$110/night (S$150/night).


I’m gonna be…

Perhaps the best and worst part about this is that I don’t really have much of an itinerary or a ‘must-do’ list because I’ve already been here so many times before. I know I definitely want to get around to some wine tasting at some point though, whether at a winery or just buying a bottle and sitting on our front porch. Everything else is quite incidental 🙂

Wine in a Winery

Well this was actually taken in Brisbane and thankfully it will not be as sweltering~


Have you been up to Perth, Australia? Any tips for me?

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