Weekend Wanderlusting

Weekend Wanderlusting: Osaka

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It’s Monday but it’s not blue because I’m finally heading off on a quick sojourn on Thursday! Whee! Here’s what I was dreaming this past weekend…



Osaka, Japan


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From Singapore, the only one who seems to fly direct to Osaka’s Kansai airport is Singapore Airlines, so of course price is quite a bit more expensive than the other airlines! However, you do save quite a lot of time as the direct flight is 6.5 hours, vs a stopover flight which can range from 8 – 13 hours!

SIA was having a 2-to-go sweet deal when we were booking our flights for $990/pax all in. It’s not the cheapest – apparently flights have dropped to $600+ before in the low season. Also the pros of the SIA flight there was that it was a red-eye from midnight to about 6am, so by the time you hit Osaka it’s morning and you have a whole day to do stuff.

A cheaper option if you have more time is to take a flight with a stopover, there are flights available at about $600+ from airlines like Cathay Pacific on Zuji. Jetstar too has pretty decent flights with a quick stopover in Taipei, and they were having sale tickets at $168/way at one point, but the normal prices add up to about $700-800. But do look at the timings; for some of these flights, you depart in the morning around breakfast time, but by the time you land it’s about dinner time, so that’s one whole day gone.

Here’s my flight details:

SG – KIX SQ618 Depart 01:25hrs, Arrive 08:55hrs
KIX – SG SQ616 Depart 13:50hrs, Arrive 21:20hrs

From Kansai Airport to main city Osaka it’s pretty convenient – we’re going to be catching a train from the airport to main Osaka city by train


* * *


I have been to Osaka before, for like… half a day on tour, so I’m hoping to have a little bit more time to better experience the place now I’m travelling sans tour group!

Osaka is apparently a more industrial type town, we’ll probably do the Osaka Castle and Shinsaibashi, perhaps check out the Bunraku Puppetry as well. We’ll probably spend a number of days day-tripping out to nearby cities as well.

Nara | Kobe | Wakayama


* * *


The best thing about having friends (or in this case, friends with friends) overseas… free accommodation! All I know is that this friend is quite conveniently located near the train station…


* * *

Whee can’t wait!


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