Weekend Wanderlusting: Maldives

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And one more last trip for 2013 is in store! I’ve been anticipating this for ages – wanderlusting cannot begin to describe my excitement this week.



I’m headed up to…



I’m going…


What else, but diving diving diving for 6 full days! I’m headed up with Scubaddiction, same folks I was in Malapascua some time back, and a few who I also visited Manado with, and of course my usual dive buddy P. This trip has been in the works since somewhere around February 2013, so I can’t believe that the actual day is finally here!

The Maldives is particularly famous for manta rays and it’s whale shark season, so here’s crossing my fingers I will finally see my whale shark!


I’m flying up by…

Flying to the Maldives isn’t a cheap affair even though it’s not that far away from Singapore – for a direct flight, Singapore Airlines’s tickets usually range around S$1,000+, and if you see the deal price at S$660+ snatch that up quick because that’s the best it’s probably going to get.

However, we spotted a very awesome deal on Malaysia Airlines sometime in June, and while it requires an additional transfer at Kuala Lumpur airport, it also only cost just S$480! That is awesomely cheap and there was no way we were getting a better deal than that.

Flight details for reference:

SIN-MLE (via Malaysia Airlines, stopover in Kuala Lumpur)
MH0608 / MH0177: 1725 – 1825 / 2045 – 2155
MH0176 / MH9131: 2245 – 0615 (+1) / 0855 (+1) – 0950 (+1)


I’m staying at…

maldives 2

This is going to be a Live On Board (LOB), where we’ll spend the entire week living on a boat out in the ocean. However, unlike the other LOBs like in Tioman, this one is not going to involve us being squeezed into the smallest bunks in the world. This particular charter in the Maldives is called Handy Cruise, and beyond having decent sized rooms and beds, it even has luxuries like a jacuzzi and an in-house masseuse? Man I cannot wait.


I’ll also be…

What else could I be doing other than diving? Of course I’ll have a bunch of things to review again so you’ll know if any of these things could help make your travels better. Thanks to all these great folk and sponsors for their generosity!

MicrosoftSurfaceRT 1

I didn’t get to use the Microsoft Surface Pro RT as much as I wanted to previously because I had to bring my laptop with me instead, but it’s definitely going to get a lot more use in this trip – gonna put my shows on it so I have some entertainment, as well as get some articles done.


sonyHDR-AS15 2

I’ve also been approached by the folk from Sony to test out their new Action Cam HDR-AS15 – I’m really excited about this! Unlike the Manado trip where there were lots of small little critters to take pictures of, I think this one will be a lot more of the big stuff like mantas and sharks, so my dinky little camera is probably not going to be as well equipped to capture those. I’m a little nervous about using new gear, but excited of course!


Atlas Bose

And remember the awesome sound-blocking Bose QC20 earphones which I tried out previously? Here I’ll actually get to road-test them and see if they’re worth you shelling out big bucks for them!

SmartBuyGlasses Ray Ban New Wayfarer

Also, you’ll see my new sunglasses in action – my Ray Ban New Wayfarers! Thanks to the good folk at SmartBuyGlasses

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