Weekend Wanderlusting

Weekend Wanderlusting – Malapascua (But this time I’m really headed there!)

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Monday is less blue when it starts off with a bang… the first trip of 2012 is planned! My long awaited dive trip is happening in April and I can’t wait because I’m finally heading off to one of the places I’ve been planning for for the longest time!



Malapascua, Cebu, Philippines (finally!)

pic from gotomalapascua.com


* * *


I was hoping to fly by Cebu Pacific Air, but the day that I wanted to book my flights the promo tickets had run out and cost as much as the Silkair ones! CPA had alternative flights, but those included stopovers in Manila which means an additional 3hrs layover instead of a direct flight. In the end, I ended up booking Tiger Airways which was cheapest and also had the least tiring time

Here’s a little table of my research for reference:

Cebu Pacific Airways
SG – Cebu 5J-548 Depart 00:20hrs, Arrive 04:00hrs
Cebu – SG 5J-547 Depart 19:55hrs, Arrive 23:35hrs

Tiger Airways
SG – Cebu TR2782 Depart 08:00hrs, Arrive 11:40hrs
Cebu – SG TR2783 Depart 12:10hrs, Arrive 15:50hrs

SG – Cebu MI 542 Depart 09:05hrs, Arrive 12:45hrs
Cebu – SG MI 588 Depart 15:25hrs, Arrive 18:55hrs

It takes about 3 hours by bus/car to the north of Cebu, and another 45 minutes by boat, so by the time I get to the island of Malapascua, it will be about 4pm! I would have loved to take the CPA flight back so I could squeeze in a dive or 2, but I’m probably headed to work the next day, so arriving back about dinner time would be less tiring than a midnight arrival.


* * *


dive dive dive! Apparently we’re not just going to look for thresher sharks…

but hammerheads as well! The hammerhead shark is such a bizarre looking creature, I can’t imagine seeing one in real life! Like the threshers, hammerheads swim pretty deep and come out only in the wee hours, so we’re going to have to dive early to look for them.

And as all dive holidays tend to go – it’s Eat. Sleep. DIVE. And nice beaches I hope!


* * *


I’m booked at Blue Corals Beach Resort, which their website claims as the best place to take photos on the island. I’ll find out if that’s true when I get there! A decent clean room with a hot shower and free wifi is all I really need =)


* * *


The last time I dived was the live-on-board in 2010 (which I completely forgot to blog about! Need to remedy that), or you can check out the other accounts here.

Whee can’t wait! Hope your Monday is going well too.


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      Soon! The great thing about being in SEA is that you could totally just do quick weekend getaways anytime… excited for you about Sophie! =)

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