Weekend Wanderlusting

Weekend Wanderlusting – Brisbane

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Heading into this weekend and the Chinese New Year holiday, I’m going to be doing some serious wanderlusting for March – March will be an exceedingly busy month for me, and for my first proper overseas trip,


Brisbane, Australia!

This might seem like a slightly odd place to wanderlust about, but I’m headed there over a March weekend to celebrate the marriage of a good friend of mine! You probably might have heard of her if you’ve kept up with the Unholies in UAE and Taiwan Tales – P’s someone I’ve known since our Junior College days though we’ve only become proper friends in University, she’s FINALLY getting married and doing it in style in a lovely winery out in Brisbane.



Backpackers back in 2007 – P’s the green one

Correspondingly all grown up – Liquor connoisseurs in 2012! Drew this in my UAE journal intro page =)

Yup it’s them again… we just reunited in Dec but there’s really no such thing as too much time together! Turns out we’ll all be flying up together!



Unfortunately I’m only there for 3 days, I really wish I was headed there longer, but I’ve got an insane March ahead (3 trips! That’s not very occasional is it =P) but we do have big plans for our short time there! As Unholies, nothing is complete if there isn’t a little alcohol thrown in, so there are plans to go visit other wineries (and hiring a driver, no designated drivers so we can all have fun!), maybe rent a car for a day trip nearby…

Picture from Oceanview Estates

And of course, attend the wedding! Never been to a destination wedding before, so I’m quite excited!



Etihad Airways had pretty good timings and a decent price – I paid around $760 for my ticket (though it’s now going at $620! Ack!!). Emirates also has comparable prices but its flight timings are different – departure from Singapore is around 3pm (and you get in around midnight), while you depart Brisbane in the wee hours and reach Singapore in the morning around 8am. Other airlines that fly in include Qantas and British Airways.

Etihad flight timings below, It’s an 8 hour flight so you catch some shut-eye and have a day to gad about. We’ll be flying back the day after the wedding, so at least we have a night to sleep in.

EY470: SIN>BNE 23:40 – 09:40(+1)
EY473: BNE>SIN 11:55 – 18:10



P picked out a place for us, Meriton service apartments, but we’re still sorting things out…


All in all, am just quite excited to go on this trip – I’m probably going to bring along my new Lomo (yes, I got a La Sardina for myself!) and just enjoy the quick break, and it’s nice to attend the wedding of a good friend, especially in such a great looking place such as this! Definitely makes a big difference from the hotel wedding banquets we’re used to in Singapore!

If anyone has Brisbane tips, please share them! We’re only there for such a short time so I want to go to the best places when I’m there!

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