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Wallpaper Wanderer – Sunset in Cana

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Wow so the last two wanderers have had dreams of Scandinavia (Denmark and Norway respectively), but our next wallpaper wanderer has a rather different but no less beautiful location in mind.

I discovered Brooke and her lovely site Fugue Traveler right here on The Occasional Traveller and I love that she’s taken the step that I dearly want to take, which is to take time off from working just to travel the world. Right now she would have just begun her journey, and here’s wishing her great travels and many adventures! Hopefully she gets to visit this spot below eventually…

Photograph by James Tan


Cana, Israel

For me, this photo imparts a sense of place. It reminds me of that simple wonder I feel when traveling, just taking in everything around me and living in the moment. Israel (and its surrounding countries) is often passed over as a travel destination due to unrest at the borders, but it’s a land of such great beauty and religious significance. I definitely intend to go there one day.


The colours in this photo are amazing! If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is. Honestly I’d never thought about going to Israel, but I’ll definitely want to find out more about a place that produces beautiful views like this. Thank you Brooke for sharing this great photo (courtesy James Tan from Lateral Imaging).


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