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Wallpaper Wanderer: Geothermal Spas of Iceland

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Our next Wallpaper Wanderer is also a good friend of mine – you might have seen her name pop up from time to time in the Taiwan Tales, but my dear friend Ms TKL has always had dreams of travelling and living around the world far and wide, and is currently an expat in a rather swanky job now. We’re definitely going to have a blast when we head up to visit her in Abu Dhabi in December!

Here’s her inspiration:

Photographer unknown, Pix taken from Jmcneils.com


Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, Reykjavík, Iceland.

For the blue lagoon to the aurora borealis to the mystique and the name itself.
Iceland – definitely on my bucket list.

Iceland is definitely on my bucket list too! If you’ve seen my Taiwan accounts, I love me a decent hot spring, and this one just looks pretty enchanting…


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