Victorias Love - menstrual cup

Victoria’s Love – the menstrual cup with a valve

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I did a review of the Lunette menstrual cup earlier when I was looking for an alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. If you’re not familiar with what a menstrual cup is or does, do have a look at the post to see what I’m talking about. Since then, I’ve been using the Lunette regularly at home and on trips and have generally been quite happy with it – it’s less obtrusive, I feel cleaner when using it and it is more environmentally friendly to boot as I’m not constantly tossing used pads or tampons.

Victorias Love - menstrual cup

Victoria’s Love – menstrual cup


Recently I was approached by another company called Victoria’s Love (VL) to test out their version of the menstrual cup. Slightly cheesy name aside, their cup is a little different from your usual cup – it comes with a valve at the tip of the stem, so you can empty out the discharge from the cup without the inconvenience of having to remove the cup from your body.

Victorias Love - tip open

A closer look at the tip – this is in the Open position and stuff comes out the tip of two holes in the stem

It’s a surprisingly simple idea, but quite a good one – How it works is that there are 2 holes on the side of the stem where the discharge empties out. The flow is controlled by a little white ball in the stem that acts as a stopper – you push it up and down the tube to block and unblock the holes accordingly.

Victorias Love - tip closed

there is a very small white ball that you can push up and down the rubbery valve tube. Here it is in close position*, blocking the holes so stuff doesn’t leak out.

*ADDED LATER: My contact at VL tells me that it’s better to push the ball above the holes rather than blocking the holes directly – apparently for some people the ball has fallen out of the hole, perhaps from pushing too hard! And yes it did happen to me completely by accident in a public toilet. There was no way I was sticking my hand into the toilet bowl, but good thing I had a spare!

During my heavy flow, I have to empty out the cup every 4 hours or so, and sometimes I feel a little bit sore after a few days of constant removal and reinsertion. With this built-in valve, you don’t have to remove the cup to empty it, so there is much less removing and inserting going on. I think it’s particularly useful for travelling as this means less chance of leakage when on a long transit and you don’t have much bathroom access, or you really don’t want to go through the trouble in a dingy toilet. (And if I had another situation like that time on the boat, it might be easier to deal with!)


Victorias Love - length comparison

Comparing the VL cup with my lunette – you can see that width wise and length wise, the VL cup is quite a lot bigger, so if you’re already having size/fit issues with the smaller Lunette, then the VL cup is out for you!

The first thing I noticed is that the VL cup is quite a lot bigger than my Lunette, in length and in shape. They sent over 2 sizes, which you can use for different flows or just whichever fits you better – the smaller one is about the same width as my Lunette. The VL cup has a much longer and thicker stem which is hollow to collect the discharge, while the Lunette’s one is just a piece of silicone to help you pull it out. The VL cup material feels different – more smooth plastic (added later: liquid silicone to be exact) vs the matt texture of the Lunette, and is also springier.

Victorias Love - top view

Here’s an idea of how wide the cup is. When you insert it, you usually need to fold it up in a certain way that will reopen securely inside you once you pop it in

These differences result in several things – I have to insert the larger VL cup using a different folding method from what I use with the Lunette because of the size and material. Also, I’m a lot more conscious of the longer stem, and can feel it more obviously, whereas with the Lunette it doesn’t feel like it is there at all when I insert it properly.

(Added later: VL did some tweaking and the new version of the cup is now shorter than previously, see below for comparison)


From Left: The larger original version, the smaller original version, the smaller new version which you can see is much shorter

The discharging system in the VL cup however, is quite the wonder. During the day with the Lunette, it usually takes me some time to remove the cup, wash it a bit and insert it back in because I’m a little fussy about keeping it clean; but with the VL cup all I need to do is sit on the toilet, activate the valve to discharge, put the ball back in block position, wipe and I’m good to go – it’s kinda like a tap that you can control for your vagina (bet you can’t unsee that imagery now hahaha)! If you do get more solid bits of clot in your discharge though, you’ll need to squeeze it out through the holes so it doesn’t block up the tube. It takes a bit of practice to do this neatly and not get discharge all over your hands – my tip is to use a piece of toilet roll to cover the holes before you move the ball lock out of place, that way the spread is controlled by the toilet roll and things don’t start spurting all over your fingers.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s the material, size or shape, but the VL cup so far has been fairly leak-proof for me, even on heavy flow days, which is great news as I don’t have to wear back up pads as I had to with the Lunette. Correspondingly though, the suction power in the VL cup is quite a lot stronger than the Lunette and sometimes it’s harder for me to break the airlock and remove it easily*.

*ADDED LATER: According to my VL contact, one way to break the airlock is to make sure the holes are unblocked and then kinda wiggle it side to side as you pull it out. Whether that works better, I’ll have to test it out and see!

Right now, I switch between the VL cup for heavy days, and the Lunette on light days when I don’t have to empty it out so often, just because it’s less obtrusive. For travellers, you’ll save a lot of space without having to pack sanitary pads into your bags and could carry both, but if I had to pick one, the VL cup might be a more convenient choice.

Victorias Love - full set

The full Victoria’s Love set – 2 cups (1 smaller and 1 larger) in a hard casing, a mini sterilizer, instructions and a purple velvet pouch.



You can get the Victoria’s Love Menstrual Cup from:

  • Amazon – sadly they don’t ship to Singapore! Make sure you select the size correctly. I’m using the small cup, but if you have given birth before or are above 30, they recommend that you use the bigger one, but it really depends on your body! Note that this is an affiliate link which means I may get a small % off sales if you click and do buy from here, no additional cost to you, think of it has helping to fund this website!
  • Ebay – I know it does look a bit dodgy, but they do reply emails and have generally been quite helpful so far

You can get the whole set which includes the sterilizer, something useful if you rather not dump your cup into a pot of water which you use for your food. I steam sporadically though, and mostly use the soap from my Lunette set to keep things clean on a daily basis. Menstrual cups may be a little pricey for a start, but it will save you a lot in the long run!

If you’re interested in my other menstrual cup reviews:

Have any of the lady travellers out there used the VL cup before? Do drop a note on your experience in the comments, or if you have tips a a fellow menstrual cup user or just have any burning questions at all!


  1. Hi, I just saw the info on the Victoria’s Love Cup and noticed they are downsizing!
    I need a longer stem! Is there any chance of finding the longer Stem on the Large VL cup??

    1. Author

      Hi Sherry, the stem might be longer but the cup may also be a tad bigger, so make sure that it’s comfortable for you! I honestly have no idea though but good luck with that.

    1. Author

      well I haven’t emailed or spoken to them recently… if I could ask why? you can drop me an email via my contact page as well if you rather keep it private I’ll try and help as best as I can

    1. Author

      well, a few seconds for the discharge to flow out of the valve when you open it, but if there are clots you might need to squeeze them out so they don’t block the holes, but it’s definitely faster than having to remove the cup and reinsert it!

      1. Thank you so much Jaclynn. I do have two more questions. Is it possible to measure its length? I have never owned a lunette so I don’t know how long they are. Lastly is eBay the only place to buy it? I was looking for the short one you mention on both of the ones on eBay seem to be the long ones. Thanks for all the help you have already given by having this site!

        1. Author

          sorry i forgot to reply this earlier! I’m going to be updating the post above with the info since I think it’ll be useful for other people as well, but thanks for asking the questions! The new shorter stem (from opening to tip) is around 7.5cm, while the older version was something under 9cm! And as far as I know eBay is the only place to get it so far, though I’m hoping someone brings it in to distribute because it does feel a little bit dodgy buying off ebay…

          1. Thanks for your reply Jaclynn! I bought the small and large size set for $29 on eBay. Hopefully I will get it soon. Seriously contemplating opening a local store. It is really hard to buy these things online without getting to see them in person first. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. I am taking backpacking classes so I can travel more. I hope this will be a valuable tool for my trips!

        2. If you’re in the US, I know someone who has one for sale. They bought two but it didn’t work for them.

          1. Author

            I’m in Singapore but I can think of some people here who might be interested… perhaps get your friend to drop me an email? You can use the contact form on the blog or email [email protected] 🙂

  2. Do you still use it? I just ordered one and I’m nervous about using it since there are few reviewers. Any complications? Tricks & tips?

    1. Author

      Hi Y. Henry, yes I’m still using it – it’s the one I use most because of the convenient valve, especially on heavy flow days so I don’t have to keep removing just to empty. So far it’s worked pretty okay for me, the only thing to note so far is to make sure the ball seal isn’t too close to the valve opening so you run less chance of accidental leakage (sometimes movement can cause the ball to shift out of place).

      Pressure can build up in the cup during heavy flow so I usually have toilet paper around the holes when I release the ball seal so things don’t get too messy! You’ll get the hang of it though 🙂

      I know it seems a bit dubious because of the ebay-only platform and I honestly was a bit leery when I started, but to date am quite happy with it 🙂 Let me know if you have any specific questions that you need me to answer!

  3. Wher do i get it in india
    how much does it cost how long it lasts

    1. Author

      as far as I know you can only get it online on the links that are in the post.
      mine’s still ok right now but i can’t advise how long it will last for…

  4. Is it hard to clean in the end of stem? It looks like not easy to clean. I probably will buy an one from Taobao but this is my only concern.

    1. Author

      Hi Audrey,

      I’ve found it quite easy to clean the end of the stem – you can actually pop the white ball valve out of the tube (just make sure you don’t lose it as that is the critical piece here!). Usually I flush the stem with running water but you could easily run an old toothbrush in the holes at the end to scrub more thoroughly if you wanted to!

      hope that helps 🙂


  5. Wow! This does sound interesting. My only concern is the long stem, I wouldn’t want it poking my leg all day or poking through my swimsuit lol I’m gonna hold off on buying one until they make one with a shorter stem. Thanks for this awesome review though!!! Can’t wait until I can finally try it!

    1. Author

      Hi Cassaundra, they actually have made a shorter one which they sent to me for testing as well (it’s just slightly longer than the Lunette in the picture), which doesn’t protrude as much for me, so that’s been quite helpful and more comfortable. But even for the original ones, unless you were wearing really really tight undies, it doesn’t really protrude that obviously!

      1. Do you have a link for the short stem version? I live in AU’s so probably eBay?? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Qi Rong, don’t think they sell it in Singapore shops at this point! I’ll check in with my contact to see if that’s likely to change, but they don’t even sell other brands of menstrual cups in Singapore, so I think the best way is probably to go through the ebay link…

  6. So that stem is quite long right? Do you think it will be a problem for people with a medieum high or a low cervix? I think I read somewhere that it was 80 mm long!

    Thanks for making this review. I`ve been wondering about this cup fore some time now 🙂

    1. Author

      yeah it’s quite long! even for me i sometimes find it a little uncomfortable and poking out. the good news is the manufacturers are looking into creating a version with a shorter stem after similar feedback, so that’s good news 🙂

  7. Yeah my concern was also clots. I see the stem where it drains being difficult to keep clean enough.

    1. Author

      Clots actually clear quite easily, mostly because the stem/tube is rubbery so it’s a matter of just squeezing it out the holes. The stem flushes quite smoothly when you run it under a tap, haven’t had any problems with that so far!

  8. Interesting… I have been loving my Lunette for over 3 years now. Cool to see a cup like this exists. My heavy days are too “clotty” for this valve I would think. Thanks for the review though! Would be neat if you did a short video comparing the “springyness” of the materials.

    1. Author

      Because of the material you can actually squeeze the clots through the holes, but you just have to be careful you don’t end up spurting stuff all over! Video is a good idea, I’ll have to get around to it… sometime!

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