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The lovely Clara from Bloomize invited me to participate in her What Travels WIth You series, where I showcased 5 must-have items when I travel… check it out here!

I love seeing what other people deem ‘essential’ to their own trips. Tells you something about a person and what kind of traveller they are…




  1. I came to you from Bloomize. I love to travel like you, too! I lived in Singapore many years ago. I can’t believe you can even sleep in your jacket in Singapore, but I remember that all the buildings in Singapore are air conditioned and I easily get cold, so I understand! Kaho

    1. At work I’m perpetually in a jacket too, but I actually don’t sleep in aircon… and I just caught a chill last night purely from my fan/cold night air! It actually can get pretty chilly at times… though I suppose you can’t compare to temperate countries… So yes, when I’m in winter countries I am always well bundled up!

  2. Loved your list on bloomize Jac. That little trunk is sooo cute and I loved your passport holder. Fisherman’s Friend is a bit too ‘hot’ for me though. Somehow I can’t take minty stuff that it too strong. I used to love Polo though.

    1. Hi Bookjunkie! Thanks for the compliment =) the little trunk you can get from Papermarket (raffles city or plaza singapura).. they have a bunch of designs, but I liked this best! Fishermen’s Friend Lemon is actually not v ‘hot’, which is why I like it~

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