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Tis the season of giving to Passports with Purpose 2014

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If you’ve been splurging on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this past weekend, perhaps its time to share the good fortune by giving back. Fortunately, Passports with Purpose is back again this year and it’s one of the donation programmes that I’ve been supporting regularly and I hope you do too!

Every year they gather donations through a raffle, where donors put $10 bids on prizes solicited with the help of the travel blogging community who reached out to their corporate networks to sponsor the prizes, (of which there are several awesome ones I’ll talk about below).

This year, Passports with Purpose is supporting Sustainable Harvest International in Honduras – their mission is to help the rural people in Honduras develop sustainable methods of farming that both help the environment (no more slash and burn, which not only produces crazy pollution but spoils the land!) and help the farmers feed their families as well. More about them here.

Passports With Purpose 2014 Sustainable Harvest International

I donated last year and hosted a prize for Passports with Purpose back in 2012, and while I was unable to secure a prize in time for this round, I still wanted to do my little bit for them, so here’s me asking you to take a little bit of time to check out this little programme.

The fun thing about Passports with Purpose is that it makes donating fun, it’s easy to donate just $10 by sacrificing a fancy coffee or two, and you just might land yourself an even more awesome prize worth up to 10x or even 100x more!

The prizes are pretty awesome – here’s what I’m putting my bids on this year:

Passports With Purpose 2014 Hard Drive

This 2TB hard drive ($139) will come in useful whether you’re a traveller or not! More info at Travel Addicts

Passports With Purpose 2014 Homeaway

And one of the biggest value prizes is a $1,000 voucher for vacation rental company HomeAway. More at Momitforward


Do check out the catalogue for the full list of prizes and see what catches your fancy, or if you’re just looking to give go here instead. You have till 17 Dec 2014, so hurry!

Passports with Purpose

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