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So I did quite a fair bit of shopping in Seoul. I planned the trip as a pretty relaxing one, alternating sightseeing with shopping, and boy did I get quite a lot of shopping done on this trip! Those who’ve been following the trip on Twitter and Facebook might have seen this pic:

Looks like I’m setting up a flea market store =P

Besides a new wardrobe for myself, I scouted around for cool stuff made in Korea and things you can’t find too easily elsewhere, and from a whole bunch of lovely items, I ended up picking up 3 unique things for the TOTshop from 3 separate areas in Seoul. They’re simple and not too pricey, and I’ve only brought in 1pc for each item, so get your hands on these items quickly if you love them!

Meanwhile, here’s a little bit about each item and where I found them. I think they each reflect the areas that I was in quite well and gives you a sense of Seoul =)



The streets of Myeongdong are vibrant and happening and I spent many an evening just soaking in the vibe of this crowded shopping area.

I found Artbox while I was strolling the streets of Myeongdong one evening, it’s a stationery shop with the prettiest selection of notebooks and knick-knacks you can find! Artbox is a Korean brand, so I quite happily brought some back, only to realize upon my return that Artbox had gotten so popular it has branches in Singapore too! *faint*

But I did check out their website, and I didn’t see any of the designs I brought in there, so go check them out in the shop!

These notebooks are a handy-dandy size and make a good distraction for one when you can’t use your electronic devces in the plane… nothing beats a handwritten memory!


CUPCLIP – Hongdae

Hongdae is the area where Hongik university area is located, and well known for being hip and happening, especially when the sun starts to set. All sorts of eateries and restaurants, local and international can be found there, and overall there’s a hip indie vibe going on, similar to that of the Haji Lane/Ann Siang Road in Singapore.

I mostly walked around randomly and came across the Sangsangmadang, an artsy building which housed galleries and studios, and on its first floor, a very well curated shop of interesting designer goods, all made in Korea!

the Sangsangmadang is hard to miss

I particularly loved the clocks!


Bear Rings – Insadong

Right in the centre of Seoul, I visited Insadong 2-3 times, and it’s a pretty artsy, indie area with lots of art galleries and filled with traditional Korean items, or antiquey stuff you don’t really get in the other areas of Seoul. This particular shop just sold the cutest accessories, and I picked up a cute robot necklace, a wooden button rubber band… and these absolutely lovely bear rings which I’m tempted to keep for myself:


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