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The beachfront beauty of Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin

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Thailand is a favourite destination for Singaporeans, especially Bangkok which is fairly cheap and easy to reach from Singapore. But if you are looking to escape the city for some alternative destinations, check out Hua Hin, located about 3 hours away from Bangkok along the Gulf of Thailand and a favoured destination of the late Thai King.

The Radisson Blu folk invited me up to check out their beachfront Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin and I can see why this area is a favourite – there vibe is much more chill than busy Bangkok and the resort itself is a beautiful place for a spot of relaxation. Here’s a little bit more about what you can expect if you are going to be visiting the Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin.

But first things first, my all-time favourite thing about the Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin is…

Hua Hin Radisson Bird

Right at the entrance of the hotel

This mascot of sorts for the resort has a Thai name that translates into safety and security, which is a nice attribute for any hotel to have of course, but I just think it’s such a cute chubby bird that pops up all over the hotel, so it’s a fun Easter egg to spot around the premises.

Hua Hin Radisson Birds

Two little Thai birds sitting on a wall, I highly doubt they were called Peter and Paul though

Anyway onward to the rest of this review.



Where is Hua Hin exactly? It’s about 150km away from Bangkok and took about 3 hours driving south-east to reach – you do pass through Samut Songkhram along the way, so you could go check out nearby Amphawa as well.

Getting there by train: Traditionally, the way to get to Hua Hin from Bangkok is to take the train which is a pretty popular tourist attraction in Hua Hin. I would have thought that the train would be the best option because it’s both cheaper and you avoid Bangkok’s notoriously bad traffic, but the train journey actually clocks in at around 4 hours, longer than the 2.5-3 hour journey it would take on average by road without any major traffic snarls, and from asking around, it doesn’t have a reputation of being the most efficient, so perhaps only for those who love trains and have time to spare.

Getting there by bus: The fastest way would be to either take a bus from the Suvarnabhumi Airport directly or from the Southern Sai Tai Mai bus terminal in Bangkok or arrange for a private car transfer directly to the resort. The resort does run shuttles from the resort to downtown Hua Hin which about 10mins drive.

Flying from Singapore to Bangkok: On this trip we flew up to Bangkok by Thai Airways, which is not a bad option if you want to thoroughly maximise your time in Thailand. I love cheap budget flights as much as the next person, but having someone serve you food even on a short flight is always a nice experience. The Thai Royal Silk Lounge in Singapore is small but cosy, but the ones (yes there are several) at Suvarnabhumi Airport are very comfortable and large with a ton of food and drink options.

  • SIN>BKK: TG402 0740-0900 – you’ll wake up extra early but you can find yourself in Bangkok in the morning, and if you head straight to Hua Hin from the airport, you’ll be at the resort early afternoon, just nice to check in and start relaxing.
  • BKK>SIN: TG401 1940 – 2255 – you need to give yourself 3-4 hours to get from Hua Hin back to Bangkok, so checking out at noon gives you time to grab a good lunch and then head to the airport directly. You land back in Singapore at night, get a good night’s sleep before popping off to work the next morning.
Hua Hin Railway Sign Me

Welcome to Hua Hin. This is outside the railway station



I had a deluxe room which was spacious and comfortable and because it’s Radisson Blu, decked out with lots of personal touches and blue decor.

Hua Hin Radisson Room

My room – with my name as a welcome message on the TV even. It’s simple and stylish and there’s lots of room to move around.

Hua Hin Radisson Towel Elephant

I had a different towel animal every day I was there – this was the welcome elephant, the next night I had little birds.

Hua Hin Radisson Balcony

My room was on the 3rd level and came with a open air balcony that overlooked the pools below. If you notice the rooms on the lower levels to the left – they do have a balcony as well but they are more private with wooden cage-like slats

Hua Hin Radisson Balcony View

View from my balcony – the beach can be seen to the right

I suggest for those who want easy access to the pool to get the deluxe rooms with pool access on Level 1 – your balcony opens up directly to the water so you can pop in and out of the pool without leaving your room. There is a common access deck so that other guests on the higher levels can access the pools as well though, so perhaps these rooms might lack a bit of privacy, but it is made up for on extremely hot days when you just want a quick dip.

Hua Hin Radisson Pool Room

View from the deck – see how easy it is to just pop into the water from your room! Me and some of the other media spent our evenings hanging out with some wine and just chilling out here. Just remember to be quiet so you don’t disturb the other guests.

If you can afford it, splash out for the suites with their own private pools so you don’t have to share with others.

Hua Hin Radisson President Pool

This is the Presidential Suite where your private pool overlooks the main pool and gives you a sea view. it’s not the most private pool though, so make sure you are prepared to be seen



One of the most distinct features as you enter the Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin is this sunken pathway that cuts from the entrance to the beachfront. Guests will typically walk up and down it a few times a day – I love the custom tiles that line the side of this pathway and couldn’t resist some dramatic insta-worthy shots:

Hua Hin Radisson Tiles Corridor

On either side of these walls are the pools that are linked to the pool access rooms. I love the tiles!

Hua Hin Radisson Tiles

Here’s a closer look at the pretty blue and gold tiles as I attempt my most modelesque pose. And yes, that’s my trusty FR100 that I used to take this picture

If you want a larger pool with a better view of the sea, it gives you an infinity view of the beach front. It’s right next to the Ivy Lounge where you can enjoy grilled seafood or a nice cocktail. Perfect sunrise spot as well from the other media who dragged themselves out of bed at 5am+ (not me haha). I can’t say the same for sunsets because we had really grey skies when we were there and no decent sunsets.

Hua Hin Radisson Pool

There are cabanas to the right for shady relaxation as well

The Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin also has a great little beachfront. Generally quiet and nice white sand, you can stroll along and see all the other beachfront resorts along this stretch. If you come here at night, you can also see all the squid fishing boats floating on the water with their green lights, and on a good clear day you can apparently see all the way to Pattaya.

Hua Hin Radisson Beach View

Here’s a better view of the beach. We had a private beachfront dinner that evening!

Hua Hin Radisson Beachfront Deckchairs

Beach facing deckchairs

Hua Hin Radisson Beach

The beach itself

Some other spots in the resort worth checking out:

Hua Hin Radisson Wedding Courtyard

The Wedding Courtyard depicts an artwork that features a traditional Thai wedding with lots of international guests amidst the Thai ones. It’s a mini stage platform of sorts, nice for small events where people don’t want to deal with sand

Hua Hin Radisson Spa Room

Of course I couldn’t go to Thailand without getting a Thai massage – the Spa ESC is actually located in a separate building right at the entrance of the resort and the masseuse I had was very good and experienced, she knew exactly where to knead those tired muscles of mine

Hua Hin Radisson Gym

There’s a fitness centre if you want to work out (nope, not me)



Thailand for me is all about the cheap good Thai street food and you can pop into downtown Hua Hin and check out their night market for some typical Thai dishes, but if you are planning to spend most of your time just relaxing in the resort, there are 2 options to consider.

The Ivy Lounge by the common pool area is nice to get some food or enjoy a cocktail. The resort went all out to welcome us with a special seafood grill dinner set up on the beach, but the usual dining area is sans sand and still offers a great view of the sea. Grilled fish, prawns, squid, mussels… yum!

Hua Hin Radisson Ivy Lounge Seats

View from the open air area on top of the Ivy Lounge

Hua Hin Radisson Beach Dinner

Dinner by the beach, a very pretty set up

Hua Hin Radisson Beach Dinner Food

the dessert spread consist of Thai influenced desserts!

Breakfast is held at The Exchange, the restaurant located right by the hotel’s reception area, and was also a place we had Thai food for dinner one night as well. There is a bar with a pool table here, and you should probably check out the hotel’s signature Aloha Blu cocktail.

Hua Hin Radisson Breakfast

Breakfast spread included Thai and Western dishes. Not the biggest but definitely sufficient options available

Hua Hin Radisson Aloha Blu Cocktail

We learned how to mix up our own Blu concoction one evening! That was a lot of fun :)


I usually use to compare prices – use my affiliate link here Radisson Blu Resort Hua Hin – booking through the link might give me a small % of earnings at no cost to you whatsoever, think of it as helping me to keep this site going.

Thanks again to the Carlson Rezidor folk and the local Radisson Blu staff in both Bangkok and Hua Hin who took care of us on this trip! We managed to see some cool stuff in Hua Hin but I still feel like there’s a lot more of Hua Hin I want to explore, look out for that in upcoming posts.

This trip to Hua Hin and accommodation was sponsored by Radisson Blu, and flights sponsored by Thai Airways. All opinions in this article are my own

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