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How do you keep ’em keys – A review of The Leather Shop key holder

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The kind folk over at The Leather Shop reached out to me and asked if I was interested in trying out any of their handmade leather products which could be useful for my travels. I checked out their shop and the the prettiness was overwhelming – Handmade I love, check! Leather I love too, check! Travel friendly, sold! I had a hard time deciding on what to try out, but eventually made my choices and this is what they sent over:

Delivery from The Leather Shop!

I love receiving packages in the mail! Here’s what they sent me – 2 wallets and a key holder

I’ll probably save the wallet reviews for my actual trip in September, because if you’ve seen my daily wallet, I carry most of my life in there and these beauties are a little too small for my personal everyday needs – I carry a much more streamlined wallet for travelling because I’m afraid of losing stuff. So what I’ve been testing out for the past few weeks is the Key Holder.

The Leather Shop - Key Holder

Tadah! The Leather Shop Tan Key Holder

First and foremost it’s such a pretty key holder, goodbye unsightly keys! Also, the classic leather look will work for anyone from thrifty backpackers to suited up business travellers so you can use it all the time. The holder comes in 2 colours, I personally prefer the tan one over the natural (beige) one. The key holder is made from one single piece of thick leather that enfolds your keys within, so they are hidden and protected from scratching up other items in your bag. I tend to just toss my keys in with everything else, and have suffered due to my carelessness, boo.

Here’s how it works in case you can’t tell from that picture above:

The Leather Shop - Key Holder (Swivel)

Unbutton and the keys swivel out for use

Close up of Key Holder

More clos-up views of the Key Holder

It has a short metal bar that can hold up to 4 household keys – I couldn’t figure it out at first because I’m a dolt like that, but you have to use a Philips screwdriver to manually unscrew and insert the keys onto the key bar. It can be a little troublesome for people who don’t like fiddly things (me!) and don’t always have a screwdriver handy, but it’s also an extra secure way to keep your keys safe.

The Leather Shop - Key Holder

house keys on one end, car key on the other

The holder is attached to a removable leather strap which you can loop around your wrist or on a hook, though it’s not long enough to be a lanyard if you want to wear it around your neck. There is also a metal clasp on the other end of the strap, which is really useful for hooking on to other keys, items or hooks. For those who keep the holder in their pockets, you can attach it to your belt loop for safety; for messy people like me who toss it into a bottomless bag, I attach it to strategic loops on my bag so it’s easy for me to fish out my keys.

Key Comparison

My current key chain on the left consists of a Coach key chain that my sister gave me and a Phantom of the Opera keychain that I bought the last time they were in Singapore. Compare that to the pretty leather key holder!

So far for daily use, it’s been great – I haven’t had to dig endlessly in my bag for my keys, and my sunglasses lenses don’t get scratched up anymore, hooray! Most importantly, it’s affordable too at US$27, which is pretty decent since it’s good quality leather and handmade to boot – You could use something like this for years, and it also makes a nice gift.

For travelling purposes, I would use these to hold my house keys and hook them in my luggage/carry-on somewhere safe, so when I do return home, it’s easy to locate my keys. This key holder isn’t for short term travellers looking to keep their accommodation keys though, given the fiddly bits and because many hotels/hostels are keycard-operated or have gigantic key chains on their keys.

If you like the leather key ring, head on over here to check it out. Besides these products I’m reviewing, I also had my eye on the Macbook Pro bag and the Expedition Bag, absolutely gorgeous bags!

Thanks to Ken and The Leather Shop for sending me these items for review and providing the nice product images, but all opinions and reviews here are my own. Look out for the wallet reviews later in October after I’m back from Prague!

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  1. Lucky you! Do you know if they have a physical store in Singapore? Im thinking of customizing a leather tote bag for myself :)

    1. Author

      Thanks Joyce! They are a USA brand so as far as I know they only have an online store. Not sure if they do custom work either, but they do have a new bunch of bags out recently! =)

    1. Author

      I really love their bags and cases too! Their stuff is simple but pretty =) let me know if you do get anything from them!

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