A Box From - Tehran

I Want A Box From Somewhere!

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Here’s something quite cool for the snail mail lovers – if you haven’t had the chance to visit a place but never had a chance to, here’s a fun and cool way to get a feel of the country without having to fly those miles to get there!

A Box From - Tehran

A Box From Tehran – I’d love to get such a pretty package in my mail!

Elin created A Box From, in which she’s put together a bunch of little local knick-knacks from that particular country that she’ll put in a parcel and mail to you for a fee. Each item tells a story about her experiences and observations about that country and reflects its culture.

So far there have been two boxes – one from Seoul:

A Box From - Seoul

The Seoul box naturally contains a lot of snacks, stationery and facial products, stuff that is commonplace throughout Seoul and what they are well known for globally



But more interestingly, one from Tehran, Iran as well! Considering I’ve never been there nor imagine myself going there any time soon, I was quite curious to see what was in the Tehran box.

A Box From - Tehran

The Tehran box has a mishmash of spices, tea, traditional toys and other random items, like shopping bags with ‘branded’ packaging

Pretty cool eh? It might make a nice gift to inspire a fellow traveller if you know they’ve always had a hankering to go to that particular country! I usually bring back a few items from overseas for TOTshop, but perhaps for my upcoming Prague/Dublin trip I’ll make it a bit different by putting together two mystery packs and sending it off to two lucky occasional travellers to inspire them to go to these places as well. What do you guys think? Sound out in the comments if you think something like that will be fun and you want in!


All pix used with permission, courtesy of A Box From.

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