Hello Hanoi!

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Well dear Occasional Travellers, I’ve booked my plane tix, and I’m all set on my first ever solo-from-start-to-end trip in May to…

Hanoi, Vietnam!

If anyone has any tips, please do feel free to share them here! I’ll be there for a week and am looking to stay in Hanoi awhile and visit the picturesque Ha Long Bay (see above!). I’m also considering heading to Da Nang/Hue/Hoi An (maybe one, maybe all? 7 days isn’t that much time!), so any tips would be much appreciated!

Also, any weather tips? General research says it’ll be like Singapore’s, hot and wet (but I just can’t wait till year end when it’s cooler to go! =P)

The Occasional Traveller is FINALLY making that first occasional travel this year, woot!

And yes, I’m definitely bringing along the Anywhere Travel Guide for some proper Anywhere Travel Guiding!

(Ha Long Bay pix from here)

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