Going Postal with Postcrossing

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If you don’t have the chance to travel as often as you’d like, here’s a fun way you can see the world from your armchair! Postcrossing is a site where you exchange postcards with random folk from around the world. If you like receiving snail mail, you will love the surprise of random postcards popping up in your mailbox!

I’m pretty late to the party but I thought I’d sign up for fun and sent out 2 postcards to begin with, one to Russia and the other to USA. Sometimes it takes awhile for the receiver to register the postcards, but so far I’ve been quite lucky and my postcards have all made it to their destinations!

The system works in such a way that you start receiving postcards after you send them, and it’s SUCH a nice thing to come back home from a long day of work and find a random postcard sitting on your bed from foreign lands, with a friendly note to say hi and tell you a little about their hometown. Check out my received postcards so far:

First postcard from India!

This one is from Seoul – of Gyeongbokgung which I visited in 2011

All the way from California!

This one from Poland was unfortunately in Polish which I don’t understand >_<

It should be pretty obvious where this postcard is from!


The postcards I’ve received so far are pinned up on my PinWorld Map (available in TOTshop!)

Besides my postcards, I have a couple of my Lomo photos and polaroids


If you’re interested in joining postcrossing, head on over to postcrossing.com to find out more, or check out my Postcrossing profile here.

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