Getting around in style – a Blacklane Limousines Review

How do you usually get to the airport when it’s time to travel? In Singapore, unless I can get my family to give me a lift, I usually call a cab because where I live, it’s just too much of a hassle to take public transport, and the cost of convenience and time when you’re lugging around suitcases is definitely not worth saving on!

For this last trip to Dublin and Prague, I was approached by the kind folk of Blacklane to test out their limousine service. They provide private limousine and chauffeur services in almost 90 cities in 40 countries around the world (when I first spoke to them in September, the figure was 50+ cities in 20 countries, that is some serious expansion), and luckily Singapore is one of them!

Blacklane Limousines

There is a desktop website that you can access, but the ease of it is being able to make the booking on your Android or iPhone smartphone through their Blacklane app (make sure you download the right one – for iphone there’s another one in the store called BL driver which is what the drivers use to check their bookings), so as long as you have internet access and more than 15 minutes before you expect to depart, you can book a ride!

You can hire the services to get you from one point to another, with airport pick-ups being the most common, Or you hire the limousine services by the hour – read more on their website here. The good news is that all these costs are shown up front, so you know what you’re paying for before you agree to it and find some weird hidden costs


I decided to test the ride to get from my house to Changi Airport with the airport transfer service – I would be rushing back home from a work event before that in the evening before zooming off to the airport, so having a confirmed ride was ideal, as I didn’t have to worry about not being able to book a cab (especially frustrating when the weather is rainy!).

The booking system is pretty easy to use, though the iphone app was a bit buggy for me during the setting up of my initial account – I had to set up my account and payment (through credit card) through the desktop interface because it was being a bit buggy for me on the phone. (Another random weird thing is that my choice of title was only between ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’, I don’t know if their custom, but calling myself Mrs. felt odd)

Using the Blacklane app – setting my pick up location (for the record, that’s not my address) – I found the map quite sensitive and easier to control my actual pick up address by typing it in

After that I booked my journey (about 5 days prior)- from my house to Singapore Changi Airport, you have the option of booking the ride for yourself or on behalf of someone else. I like that for pick-ups, you have the option to include your flight info and pick-up name, so your driver can check if you’re on time of if your flight has been delayed.

Choose whether you need a fancy car or a larger one. Prices are listed as shown.


On the day of my journey, I received an email to tell me that my chauffeur was on his way to my location along with his contact details. I had booked my ride for 830pm but before that I received another email notification that my driver had arrived about 10 minutes early, so once I was all packed up I grabbed my gear and headed off.

Ok this is a rather crappy picture of the car that picked me up.

I found my driver Mr Peter Lee waiting patiently for me and he helped load my luggage into the car. The car was a black Mercedes sedan, and a really comfortable car, everything you expect from a premium service. Fancy leather seats, spacious, quiet and smooth drive. Mr Lee was also very pleasant to talk to as we chatted all through my 20 minute journey to the airport, very attentive to my well-being and he helped me unload my luggage at the end. Perhaps a pity that Singapore is so small! You get another confirmation again after the ride, and the chance to offer feedback and rate your driver and ride (mine got 5 stars each of course).

Sadly I wanted to try this service in Prague and Dublin to see if the services were equal overseas – Blacklane is a German company but they work with local limousine services so as to provide familiar localized service, but unfortunately they aren’t available in both those cities (it was available in Prague at one point, but had to be disabled due to technical difficulties).


For the average traveller who’s just looking to get to the airport in one piece, it might be a little extravagant – the cost of getting to the airport from my place was about 2x what it would normally cost me to call an ordinary taxi.

But you don’t hire a premium limousine service just to get you from place to place, these services are for those enjoy travelling in style; I could imagine using this again on special occasions like birthdays or honeymoons when I want to pull out the stops for a special partner or treat my loved ones to something fancy. Otherwise, corporates would love using this for getting business travellers or higher level executives around a city as it’s stylish and efficient.

If you want to find out more information, do check out Blacklane’s website for more. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks to Blacklane for the complimentary test ride. All opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Getting around in style – a Blacklane Limousines Review”

  1. Booked a ride with Blacklane for 2pm on Sunday 17th January 2016.
    The car then turned up at the wrong time at 6am (!) and I was then billed for this, even though the Blacklane system had screwed up my booking. I then had to find alternative transport for my 2pm ride.
    Have written to Blacklane about this case but received no response.
    Not a reliable service.

  2. @ Madeleine – I have checked your account and I can see that your credit card has been refunded almost one year ago. We would like to apologize for this inconvenience once more. It looks like the driver was quite new and got confused regarding the payment method.

  3. Same here. Driver no showed us at the airport late at night and forced us to get what transportation we could. We explained this to Blacklane and they chose to charge us anyway.

    1. Hi John. I am really sorry to hear that. Would it be possible to provide me with a booking number or any other details related to your booking, so i can look into this and see what happened?
      Thank you

  4. Madeleine Fischer

    Don’t use this service. Was double charged in London due to the driver telling me to pay him in cash when I asked him if I was to pay in cash or if they were charging my credit card. The company continued to charge my card even after I informed them that I had paid the driver in cash and will not response to my complaint

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