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If you’re looking for a great travel read, check out the pilot issue of Wayfare magazine! I could go on about the interesting and inspiring stories they have in there by travellers all around the world, but you have to see it for yourself; there is some serious eye candy going on here. The design and layout is just fabulous, and truly a delight to behold!


What I love most though? The cute and creative luggage tags with each contributor’s home state on it. I think it’s definitely going to inspire some design tweaks around here… (Anne of Pret a Voyager is the art director, kudos! Check out her post on creating this e-magazine here.)


Ok what I really, really love best? TOTshop is listed as a newly discovered e-boutique… whee! I’m honoured, thank you!

Pix from Wayfare Magazine


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Jac! None of the beautiful design would have been possible without my super talented co-art director, Lauren O’Neill!


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