Forget The Kindle, Let’s Sew A Book!

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Earlier in the year, I had my first foray into the world of book making through an informal book making class taught by Pooja over at Notabilia. It was pretty fun and inspiring, and while I haven’t gotten around to it, I do intend to explore more of this art on my own.

Book making seems to be making a bit of a comeback, with Pooja conducting her 2nd round of book making classes (sign up for her mailing list to be updated here!) and more classes from other folks, including workshops at La Liberia and Books Actually’s Month of Book Making. (really wanted to do the linocut printing by Monster Gallery but it clashes with other stuff, argh!)

I was interviewed as Pooja’s student in this Straits Times article – you can see the books I made in the article, and yes, I do plan to make custom travel journals for the shop eventually! I have all the materials on hand, I just need to get around to it…

Some close ups! For posterity =)

close up of my section

Me and my books! This pic was taken at the end of a work day where my curious colleagues were wondering what on earth I was doing posing out in the courtyard

Look, that's my hand and my concertina book in the bottom right corner on the front page!

Thanks Corrie Tan for the interview and Kevin Lim for the picture! As well as to Pooja for her wonderful classes and getting me interested in book making in the first place =)

Added later: Somehow I realized that Pooja’s picture isn’t in here, horrors! See her and her post here!

Added even later: Read the full article properly online at here. Thanks Pooja!


  1. ah, to finally be able to put faces to those who enjoy things made by hand right here in Singapore. wonderful article.

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