Diving in a Park

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I first saw this on pinterest (check my boards out here!) and was absolutely intrigued and enchanted by the idea of a park that is occasionally a lake you can dive in. How awesome is that!

Located in the Hochschwab mountains of Austria (in Tragoess, Styria to be exact), this place is dry during winter and favoured by hikers, but in the summer, the ice from the mountains melts and transforms the dry valley into a dive-able lake.

I’ve seen some weird stuff underwater, usually abandoned bikes or old car structures used to help the coral grow, but to have an entire submerged park, that’s just way bizarre. And that this lake is only formed every half a year.

The best part about all this? Apparently there are fish in this lake.

Check out the video below to see this park-lake for real.

pix and story from the Daily Mail 


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