Dive Log – Tioman Wrecks [Aug 2012]

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This trip was focused solely on wreck diving, so not much in terms of coral life or drift diving. Most of the wrecks are quite deep, about 20+m, and the waters had quite a lot of sediment in them. The visibility apparently was good by usual standards though. The waters could get a little choppy though – a lot of people couldn’t sleep the first night because the boat was rocking so intensely (I woke up occasionally but managed a decent rest), and we always had to fin to the front of the boat to descend along the line – so fighting currents at the start of a dive was always tiring!

We managed 1.5 days of diving – 4 dives in day 1 including a night dive, and 2 dives on our final day, after which we headed back to the jetty.

There were 3 divers in our group of about 17 that were on advanced course, the rest of us were leisure divers. My group was just me, my 2 friends P and S, as well as our DM Michelle. All 4 of us were equipped with cameras and had the luxury of being the group to suit up and head into the waters first.

Here we go!


Dive 1/6 (#54)
11th Aug 2012
8.16am (40 mins)
Snake Rock

First dive of the trip! Apparently this rock looks like a winding snake if the visibility is good and you observe it from a distance! It’s quite a small area

Lots of bamboo sharks hidden in the rocks - you'll mostly see a tail or a head.

This one wasn't so well hidden!

Sometimes you'll see more than one shark together

Saw 2 cuttlefish, 1 big and 1 small swimming together.

Odd little shoal of yellow striped fish that followed my fins everywhere. They were really quite brilliantly coloured.

Cute little leatherjackets along the line at the 5m rest stop


Dive 2/6 (#55)
11th Aug 2012
11.28am (47 mins)
Temu Wreck

Temu Wreck

There are 2 resident black frogfish living down here. They camouflage really well so one of our DMs headed down earlier to mark out the spot so that we would be able to spot them easily.

Scorpionfish disguising itself as a rock... don't touch it!

A cool arrowhead crab (named for its shape?) with spindly limbs.

Practically invisible cleaner shrimp hiding in anemones

Crocodile fish buried in the sand, and buries itself further in when it gets nervous

Swirly black nudibranch


Dive 3/6 (#56)
11th Aug 2012
5.51am (46 mins)
Verrella Wreck / Gyoshi Maru Wreck

This wreck is actually broken in half and has 2 quite impressive war guns mounted.

These days, those guns have seaweed growing all over them and fish swimming around them.

Big bumphead parrotfish here

The nudibranches here for some reason are huge!

Cleaner Shrimp in an anemone

Underwater forest

Giant pufferfish

We did see a very interesting blue (purplish) dragon nudibranch here though. Didn't think it was a big deal at first but our DM was swooning over it later.


Dive 4/6 (#57)
11th Aug 2012
5.51am (46 mins)
Verrella Wreck / Gyoshi Maru Wreck

Same spot as the day, except now it's pitch black under water and you can't quite see anything without a torch. Not particularly exciting, though we did see a couple of cuttlefish here.

I think the intensive flash my camera had to muster up killed my battery, so hardly any pictures from this dive.

Our Instructor had a red torch light, which he says really confuses the fish. They sometimes hide when it’s intensive white light frmo a torch, but freeze instead when confronted with red light.


Dive 5/6 (#58)
12th Aug 2012
5.51am (46 mins)
Rompin Wreck

The next day

more bamboo sharks in rocks

bamboo sharks galore


Cleaner Shrimp


No zoom at all!

We ran into some really friendly batfish who got right up close and personal with us.


Dive 6/6 (#59)
12th Aug 2012
5.51am (46 mins)
Snake Rock

Back where we started! So much more to take; stuff that I didn’t manage to take: shoal of barracuda swimming by, cuttlefish hovering near the eggs.

There seemed to be more fish this time around. Lots of cuttlefish eggs, white ribbon sacs lying all over the coral.

Those on the right look like they've hatched already

Moray eel hiding underneath cuttlefish egg sacs quite ineffectively

Moray eel and bamboo shark hiding in the same hole! friends?

Scorpionfish... smiling?

Hello snoopy! What are you doing down here?


Razorfish passing by reaaaaallll close

Hermit crab on the move

Cute tiny little squid, perhaps finger length, that hung around the 5m rest stop. Upon swimming back to the boat later I saw another 3-4 more

Hello same yellow fish following my fins around!


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