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The kind folk at Hejorama invited me back for another round of bossing their instagram account, in time for my trip to Brisbane where I attended Unholies P’s wedding. The trip journals and pix are on their way (I’ve been insanely busy with the travelling), but in the meantime here are 5 quick instagram highlights of the trip.

Weddings & Wine – excellent combination

In short, P held a destination wedding in Brisbane, Australia out at Ocean View Estates, a winery about 45 mins away from Brisbane city. This was taken in the evening after the ceremony which was conducted at the Gazebo in the background. It was a very small affair, 20+ guests including the couple’s immediate family. The white wine I’m drinking here is called Luscious Harvest and it was very yummy.

We were lucky to get good weather, apparently it was rainy in the weeks before we got to Brisbane

It was an insanely hot day – at the vineyard and for the entirety of our trip – seems like we brought the sun with us! Felt like I hadn’t left Singapore with the scorching sun and humidity. This was taken when there was practically no breeze, so the lake was as still as a mirror and the sunlight really made the colours so vibrant.

Found a heart in the clouds, fitting for a wedding day <3

I was just looking up and spotted this heart-shaped void in the clouds… pretty! The filters helped define the shape a bit more than in the original picture…

Intense purple flower blooms

Ok this was taken the day before the wedding where we were out in another winery in Mount Tamborine. The purple petals were really stunning and eye-catching.

Bye bye brisbane, with your winding brown river and quiet ways

I took this as the plane was airborne and flying over the city of Brisbane. If you notice a cluster of high buildings in the top left corner, that’s the downtown district that we stayed at – I was trying to catch a picture of the building we stayed at, which was the highest in the city (and we stayed up on the 2nd highest floor – #73!). I might have just managed to catch it if you scrutinize the picture! The Brisbane river is windy and rather brown, but I think this picture came out surprisingly well and it’s the most well-liked of the shots that I took. In case you’re curious, I was flying Etihad airways.

Check out my instagram account, which I do use though I don’t update very frequently, but I’ll try! =)

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