Kuta Beach Rambling in Bali

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And we conclude the Bali chronicles with a day in Kuta! After checking out Seminyak and Jimbaran in the previous days, we spent our last day in the famous Kuta area where all the tourists hang out.

The traffic getting to Kuta was pretty insane, it’s a long narrow stretch of road fairly close to Seminyak, but you spend most of your time just waiting in the jam. Thank god for air-conditioning… Quite honestly, we didn’t do very much here or see anything particularly interesting here, mostly spent our time rambling around the place until we got too hot and tired and headed back to Seminyak for dinner.

We did get a massage at a random spa place:

Balinese massage here, pretty decent, not too expensive (I forget how much though >_<) but all I remember is that the cloth they draped on me seemed a little damp and rank, which isn’t a big deal since they put oils on you but can ick out the picky

Kuta is also home to the most crazily awesome building that we saw in Bali, the Kuta Angel Hotel.

Seriously what is that facade!

There are statues of… people. And if you look very closely at these 2 photos, you will see that the wall/fence is made up of waves and frogs. I don’t even…


Shopping here isn’t particularly different from that of Seminyak’s, you still have your usual beach bum brands and local stuff, though it feels more densely populated than Seminyak.

Naturally we end up, as all people in Bali do, at the beach. This public beach was a lot more crowded than the Seminyak one and had more touts, selling you everything from ice cream, to surf lessons and tattoos. Difference was that there were lots of beginner surfers on this beach, so we spent a lot of time just sitting on the sand and watching people wipe out.

Entrance to Kuta Beach through the ‘gate’

The beach was filled with folk

Guess which is my foot, it’s the obvious one!


One unusual place we visited was called Beachwalk, a rather clean modern shopping mall that made me feel like I was back in Singapore – there definitely had to have been some Singaporean input, from the layout and tenancy to the Singaporean food in the food centre! Didn’t feel like I was in Bali at all, despite the thatched-roof and all.

We’re actually up on the 3rd floor!

They were also home to the first and only Havaianas vending machine that I’ve seen in my life:

And you thought only Japan had interesting vending machines!

This one even has a foot sizing chart. Though you have to be in real urgent need of a pair of slippers, because for just a little bit more, you can pop into any of the surfer brand shops and get more variety/patterned slippers!

Maybe there are just too many people there now, but Kuta wasn’t a particular standout, and I was quite happy to head back to our villa to soak in the quiet of our private pool.

Did I miss out on the charms of Kuta that has everyone raving about it? Tell me!


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