Celebrating My 29th in Jimbaran

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And… more Bali stories! Especially for Ms A who’s having a bit of withdrawal =P On the day of my actual birthday, where I failed spectacularly to stay up the night before till 12am to welcome it in (I fell asleep at 10am, boo) after a long first day in Seminyak, we headed over to Jimbaran to check it out.

Yummy breakfast which I suspect was what gave me the runs for the rest of the day!

Jimbaran is about 40mins by taxi (70,000 IDR) away from Seminyak – we took a cab to Jimbaran Corner, which is a pretty fancy shopping centre by Bali standards. It’s air-conditioned with a pretty swanky L’occitane spa and other restaurants there, a good place to hide out from the oppressive afternoon heat.

While we were staying over at Mutiara Bali in Seminyak, our friend K was holed up in the swanky Hotel Intercontinental in Jimbaran, so we took a short walk along Jalan Uluwatu over to her hotel to welcome her… and of course to enjoy her digs and the lovely facilities of this 5-star hotel. Seriously, you get what you pay for, even the bathrooms are awesome!

Security is also tighter at these 5-star establishments – apparently there was a bombing case back in 2005

Check out the grounds! This is the view from the corridor

Other than hiding in the room because it was a really, really hot day, we spent the rest of our time in the fabulous pool and private beach. The pool was slightly heated to perfect body temperature so you could spend all day in there. And while there were lots of guests, it was large enough such that you never felt too cramped up.

There is not just one pool, but a whole suite of them!

Spitting turtles by one of the pools

My time was divided between swimming, sunning and checking out the private beach.

That middle picture is waves. I try, very hard.

Lots of deckchairs for us to hang out on

Not as crowded as Seminyak for sure, it’s reserved for the guests and not much surfing action here, mostly people just swimming and jumping in waves

Bit of an overcast day

Cartwheels! This was Y’s idea, it’s been years since I’ve attempted one

And a well-timed jumpshot with waves rushing in


Later that evening after we washed up, we headed over to Ayana Resort to visit the iconic Rock Bar, a bar carved and perched over the ocean in the side of the cliff. It was about 10 mins away and an uphill ride to the resort, which was another 5 mins drive from the entrance to the actual hotel itself – the grounds were that big! It was still bright 5-6pm and already there was a really long snaking queue for the Rock Bar, so rather than wait an interminable amount of time, we decided to head to the Sunset Bar instead, which is really just some tables by the pool and cliff side where you can order drinks. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a sunset because it was overcast, but we still had a pretty good time even if the drinks were really overpriced!

Rock Bar and Sunset Bar and the wonderous Damar Wulan

Nice clifftop view, but unfortunately overcast sky. Good thing we had a nice sunset the day before in Seminyak

This is one of their specialty drinks called the Damar Wulan, which was practically a desert because you got to eat the watermelon that they hadn’t hollowed out. Not very strong alcoholic content though

There’s a pathway that descends down to the beach at the base of the cliff, which is also the entrance to the back of the Rock Bar and another dining outlet. There’s also a pier down there.

The Rock Bar from above, it has a nice lounge pool

Restaurant and pier in the distance

Me standing in the doorway to the back entrance of the Rock Bar


We then headed over to Jimbaran Bay for seafood dinner later that night, just a little bit further down the beach from the Hotel Intercontinental where we were earlier that day. Jimbaran Bay is famous for this seafood experience where the tables are placed along the sloping beach and packed close together. There’s the odd minstrels and peddlers selling laser lights and a whole lot of bbq smoke (seriously, felt like we were in a really foggy place) that covers the beach.

My advice is to try and get a table higher up the beach, because while you’re further from the water, you’re also in less danger of the waves splashing up on you as the tide comes in really quickly in this parts, and it’s quite rough!

We’d originally made a reservation at the popular Menega Cafe, and had a confirmation even, but it turned out to be full and they didn’t have our reservation, so we ate at a random joint in the area called New Bayang Cafe instead. There are like 20 different restaurants there, so it’s just a matter of which one you want to eat at.

View from the water – you dine by candlelight on a beach packed full of tourists. Not the most romantic experience but definitely quite  fun one. And yes that is all BBQ smoke billowing like the place is on fire.

New Bayang Cafe – all the restaurants here serve the same thing – grilled seafood.

Here’s a platter that A and I shared, there’s squid, mussels, fish, crab and prawns

We were pretty stuffed that night, and took a slow stroll back along the beach to the Intercon where we caught a cab back to our villa and turned in for the night. Definitely a nice way to spend my 29th birthday!

Cheers with Bintang Beer and Teh Botol, happy birthday to me!

Here’s a google map detailing the places that I visited in Jimbaran:

View Birthday in Bali (2013) in a larger map


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