Anywhere Travel Guiding – Six

In Korea by Jaclynn Seah0 Comments

First overseas edition of the Anywhere Travel Guiding Series! I carried my much dog-eared copy of the ATG around Seoul with me, and when I got a bit bored roaming the streets, I’d whip it out for some inspiration…

Keep walking until you see something particularly yellow.


This is one of the cards I drew while walking around Gyeongbokgung palace. It was a pretty hot day, I wandered from the palace to the nearby Bukchon Hanok, and then to Insadong…

Lo and behold, here’s what I spotted in one of the alleys of Insadong:

Pulled along by an old man (he’s blocked by the cart), those are bananas and what I thought was some sort of squash, but wikipedia helpfully informs me that they are actually Korean yellow melons called Chamoe. It seems to be Chamoe season as I saw this bright yellow fruit everywhere, but I never did get around to trying it because they often came in a bag…

(This looks like a fun way to eat Chamoe!)

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