Anywhere Travel Guiding 2011 – Four

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FOUR – 29th March 2011 (Tuesday) and other days – afternoonish @Orchard

Hola it’s DEFINITELY been awhile since I pulled out the Anywhere Travel Guide (ATG)… life does have a way of hijacking you! Anyway I finally got some time off on my birthday and I decided to pull a card while I did a little shopping before my lunch date…

Here I am, hiding in a little corner of one of my favourite places in town. I took this because I just might be headed here later in the year, and because I think the camel crossing sign is bizarre~

First of all, I just need to get this out of my system, this was what flashed through my mind when I saw this card:


Well I had a little time before lunch, so I attempted a little hiding while scouting out my usual route when I hit Orchard… I usually take the MRT and wind my way through Wisma Atria and Takashimaya to…

Hiding in my favourite section of my favourite bookstore, Kinokuniya Orchard

And then I made a detour to Art Friend and hid behind a bunch of easels while looking for some leather string

Headed for my lunch appointment! My usual method of hiding in plain sight - I don't know how some Singaporeans can get by without a decent pair of shades given our crazy amount of sunshine

And then I went here... anyone can guess where this is? It's quiet enough on a weekday I guess you can consider it hiding... this escalator is endless and positively looming, i was about 1/3 way up already when I took this pic!

And I had a very good lunch and this isn't really hiding, but I just wanted to show off this lovely frosted beer on an afternoon while everyone else was stuck in the office =P We were ensconced in a little booth though, so you could say I was hiding... from work!

Ok so my hiding attempt was not that interesting, so I thought I'd end off with a really professional hider who resides in my office - he not only hides well, but looks adorable when he hides =)

Here’s to more hiding and finding sweet hiding places in the midst of a crowded city!

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