#DailyTravelette Instagram Challenge: Day 1 – 6

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For the month of August, I decided to take on this Travelettes Instagram challenge – basically you need to instagram a photo based on a set theme everyday in the month of August.Tag #DailyTravelette and check out all the other entries!

Here’s the list:

Besides the short captions in Instagram, I thought I’d tell you more about the pix that I took so far. Here are my shots for the first 6 days – do follow me on Instagram @jac_theocctrav for more!



That’s me, from my UAE trip with the Unholies lying on the sands of the Liwa Desert in Qasr Al Sarab. I have to thank J of the Unholies for this awesome shot (he also took the profile pic of me that you see in the sidebar!). I think this picture says everything about what I am like as a person – you’re likely to find me lying down and lazing somewhere, I love to enjoy the little things about travel, I generally like some solitude, and I like the colour blue.



It was a really hot day when I took this! My car gets crazy heated up in the Singapore sun, so much so that I can’t let my bare legs touch the seat. I didn’t quite notice the cool reflective effect of the windscreen though, but it does look kinda surreal to me. My car isn’t exactly my car but the family car which I have the privilege of driving around most of the time.



Once again, another of my favourite shots from the desert – seriously I was lucky to have J take all these cool shots of me! But just thinking about holidays makes my heart leap, and getting stuff booked and confirmed makes my heart jump for joy.



Oddly, this isn’t something I grew up with (was very much a bread and cereal girl) and only discovered when I was in University, but has since become my favourite breakfast or snack! It’s quintessentially Singaporean – you crack two half boiled eggs into a saucer, stir it up with some soya sauce and pepper, and my preferred method is to dip my kaya toast into it. Sometimes the eggs are too cooked or not cooked enough and you have to send them back, but Ya Kun, while expensive for this sorta meal, is one of the few places that always gets it right.

People normally have coffee or tea with theirs, I’m a big milo fan so there~



I’m very fond of the Kampong Glam district in Singapore because my first few work years were spent there. It was there I developed a taste for Middle Eastern fare like kebabs and hummus, and because of the indie shopping strip along Haji lane, got into quirky dresses and picked up a rather expensive shoe habit.

This view is special because you get a really good look at old and new all in one. It’s on the 3rd level of one of the shophouses in the area. Want to know where exactly you can find this view? Check out my AFAR highlight for more.



There aren’t many authentic old coffeeshops left in Singapore – my one favourite feature of these places isn’t the coffee itself (i’m not a coffee drinker!), but the decor and how these places look like they’re stuck in time. One thing I hope for my hypothetical future house to have is these sort of lovely mosaic tiles, which could be found chockablock in older Singapore architecture but are pretty rare these days!

Why don’t you join in too? Do drop me a note if you’re taking part so I can follow you too!

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