Tiny People Go Swimming – Miniature Underwater Photography by Jason Isley

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I love diving and on my last Manado dive trip, I have been working on improving my underwater photography from ‘what-was-that’ blurriness to generally decent shots with the occasional accidental Wow shot.

But I don’t think I could have been as inventive as Jason Isley, co-founder and MD of Scubazoo, who brought various miniature toy figures underwater and set up whole dioramas for these unwitting little figurines, thrust amidst the weird and wonderful wildlife that is macro sea life.

This one is pretty =)

One of my favourite pictures! I wonder if the fish managed to eat the miniature =P

Goby and Shrimp can be notoriously jumpy, it must have taken awhile to get them used to the props! I think Shrimp and Goby coexisting are still one of the most interesting partnerships ever.

Hahaha ok this just makes me laugh. This is probably a smaller one, but according to reports, giant mantis shrimp’s claws can crack your camera casing or do some serious damage to your extremities!

I can imagine the patience he must have needed to set up each shot! According to his interview with the Daily Mail, the little men are stuck onto nails or coins so that the current (or hungry fish) doesn’t sweep it away.

You can see the full set of photos on Jason’s Flickr here. He’s using this idea to start a new set of Underwater Miniatures photographs with a more socially conscious message against polluting and littering the oceans – only a few photos have been uploaded so far, keep a lookout on his flickr for more soon!

Don’t litter in the ocean!

You can do your bit to keep the ocean clean, no matter how small you are!

I’m headed to Dayang to dive this weekend, and while I don’t think I’ll get up to particularly exciting photography because I’ll be undertaking my rescue diving course >_< , I’m just gonna bring my camera along anyway…

All pictures taken from Jason Isley’s Flickr, used with permission.

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