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Wow 2012 was quite a great year in terms of travelling! I had hoped to travel more, but I wasn’t really expecting to travel as much as I did given that I was piled with projects at work. But somehow I managed to squeeze out the time and ended up visiting a surprising 7 countries instead, even if I haven’t gotten around to my original plans of Scandinavia and Croatia.

2012 trips for The Occasional Traveller

Occasionally Travelling, Always Looking Like a Tourist


The first trip happened in April, where I made the arduous journey to Malapascua with a new dive group for a great diving trip to see Thresher Sharks and other sea creatures. Check out the blogs and my dive logs>>

The elusive Thresher Shark!


After the culmination of one my major work projects, I took a short shopping trip and R&R with the colleagues to Bangkok in June, where we ate and shopped to our heart’s content. See the Bangkok Blowout posts for some of the cool places we visited>>

The quintessential fashion victim…


Shortly after that in July, a longer sojourn to Osaka and the Kansai region where Y and I braved the summer heat for Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki! Other highlights: scaring Nara deer and eating chicken sashimi. Follow our journey with the Ohayo Osaka! posts>>

Amidst the Torii of Fushimi Inari


Then a longish post-National Day weekend up to the waters off Tioman for a spot of live-on-board on a boat with the smallest room in the world and some murky wreck diving. See the dive logs here>>

War cannons get new life underwater


And a proper week of diving in the muck of Manado and Lembeh over the Deepavali holiday week, where some coaching and inspiration really helped my underwater photo-taking skills. See the Manado dive logs and photos>>

Pygmy seahorse close-up: One of my favourite shots of the entire trip


Finally culminating in the longest trip of the year in December – an awesome Unholies redux up in UAE…  Keep up with past and upcoming Unholies chronicles here>>

Silhouettes in the sand dunes


…and my first solo trip for 2012 in Munich, Germany. More of my solo German adventures coming soon>>

A Litre-Beer in each hand! (No I didn’t drink them both)

The one thing I learned this year was that you can make time to travel. These trips totalled about 38 days in all and were accomplished with some creative weekends, public holidays and about 22 days worth of leave. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Malapascua Diving Trip (Apr) – 6D5N
  • Bangkok Shopping and R&R Trip(Jun) – 4D3N
  • Osaka Holiday (Jul) – 6D5N
  • Tioman Diving Trip (Aug) long wkend – 2D2N
  • Manado Diving Trip (Nov) public holiday – 7D6N
  • Unholies UAE Redux + Solo Munich Trip (Dec) – 13D12N


In 2013…

So many places and too many things that I want to do! My bucket list of countries to visit continues to grow…

What I definitely have booked is a short Bali trip with my friends to celebrate our birthdays in March. Two of them turn 30 and for me it’s the final year in my twenties… 29 on 29th bay-beh! It’ll be the first time that I’ve travelled for my birthday =) Also on the cards are more diving trips – after our successful Manado trip, we’re planning for a Maldives trip in the later part of the year, and possibly an Anilao one too!

Two of my friends are getting married next year and are planning to hold their ceremonies overseas in Italy and Australia. I would dearly love to attend, but suspect the dates are a little awkward so it’s going to take some creativity and some luck to make it work… In other related news, I nearly ended up signing on for an overseas volunteer stint in 2013, but gave it a pass after some serious consideration, I’ll talk about that in future Travelling Occasionally columns.

I’ve given a lot of serious thought as to whether I should take some time off to do some serious travelling, make good on my passion and pursue my own dreams as travel bloggers are wont to do. While no plans are finalized yet, it’s going to happen soon, I can feel it in my bones =) But for now I’m still an Occasional Traveller, we’ll see what happens next…

Where have you been and where do you wanna go in 2013? Tell me your plans!



  1. It’s really amazing to see you make time for travelling and exploring even though you have a full time job 🙂 I think most people who want to travel often don’t try hard enough.

    1. Author

      thanks! well I’ve come to figure that it’s a lot to do with your priorities in life and which juncture of your life you’re at too 🙂 Cheers!

  2. go go! pack up and go see the amazingness that is this world! work will always be work… but as places open up and become more touristy, the charm disappears… never to return… so go now!

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