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Recapping all the places I’d visited in 2012 was pretty interesting, so in case you’ve missed them, let’s recap some of my favourite TOTblog posts for 2012!



Travel Buddies and Friends!

My favourite post is the one I contributed to  Go Girls Guide – is your BFF your best travel buddy? It was a pretty introspective piece and made me think a little harder about the type of people you travel with.



Playa de Regla, Chipiona

Quite a bit of press in February, but I particularly enjoyed the Chipiona postcard that Luxury Travel Stories asked me to contribute. That memory of an evening at Playa de Regla in Chipiona is one of my favourite travel memories ever.



Jellyfish lake in Palau

Bit of a quiet month overall in terms of writing, but it was this video of swimming with jellyfish that put visiting Palau pretty high up on my bucket list of countries to visit.



Tiny hostel room in Mongkok

April was a month of diving in Malapascua and the first time I took my dive logs online so my mind was mostly on diving, but my favourite post from this month would be the Go Girl Guides article about learning to deal with tiny places, and recapping some of the smallest hotel/hostel rooms I’ve been in.



Making snails out of real snails in Taitung

I was busy at work with the Singapore Arts Festival, but I guess the post I’m most proud of here is the Taitung Lu Ye recap, part of one of my first extensive travel journals which was very, very, very overdue!



Ciudades Paralelas Hotel

Managed a short trip to Bangkok, so there were lots of post-trip recaps on places to eat and shop at, but I was most fond of this post on Ciudades Paralelas Hotel, an experential art piece for the Singapore Arts Festival that explores the behind-the-scenes work in a hotel.



Pretty mementos from past trips all framed up

I like this particular DIY link that I found online to create post-trip memories, and hope to make this a reality for my future room! It’s a pretty way to display stuff that’s normally hidden in travel journals…



Pixel maps from Tofufu

August is TOT’s birthday month and was a busy one recapping the Osaka trip in late July and my wreck diving trip, but I drew inspiration from these pretty pixel maps by tofufu.



A column for Occasional Travellers

I started a new column called Travelling Occasionally, and my first article was a little bit about finding the time to travel and making it a priority for those who really want to.



Maple Leaves of Osaka

October was extremely busy, but also where another column arose called Wallpaper Wanderer where I featured desktop wallpapers and pictures that inspired other people to travel. Here’s mine for starters! The most popular post however proved to be Stephen Wilke’s New York from Day to Night pictures.



Suit up with Suitman

I was busy diving in Manado and taking a ton of pictures, but I loved this cute photo series by Suitman.




Another quiet month because I was busy on my epic UAE and Munich trip so rather few other posts,  but the most interesting thing that happened was my week of tweeting at @hellofrmsg.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this past year of blogging! As usual I swear to try and blog more regularly and more frequently and more interestingly in 2013, and hope you guys will keep following =)

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